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I don't want another but I have a wobble when others do.

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ArtisanPopcorn Fri 02-Oct-15 06:55:00

Does anyone else feel like this?

I'm self-aware enough to realise that I'm probably too lazy, selfish and introverted to be a good mother to more than one child but I feel sort of jealous when people announce they are pregnant with their second. Jealous that they feel they can cope with another and that they get to be 'normal'.

Does anyone else get these annoying wobbles?

Toomuchjiggleinmywiggle Fri 02-Oct-15 07:32:44

Yes this is me pretty much to a tee. My "baby" is almost 4 and im marrying his dad at the end of November and I feel like I should have another but feel like you. However I also know I have a tendency to be hard on myself and my abilities. It didn't help that I really didn't enjoy the newborn baby stage but I obviously adore him now and know he would love a brother or sister confused

ArtisanPopcorn Fri 02-Oct-15 08:43:02

Yep, newborn stage was hell! Friends had newborns who would fall asleep in the pram and stay asleep parked up behind the table in a restaurant while we had a meal. I felt like I couldn't do anything while she was a newborn. I'm still quite sad/bitter about my newborn/mat leave experience and I don't want to go through it again. She's only 17 months though.

But yes sometimes I think that it might be nicer when she's older to have two. If I could fast-forward 5 years and avoid the baby boy and childcare fees I probably would have another. But I can't fast-forward it and I'm not sure my marriage or my sanity would survive!

ArtisanPopcorn Fri 02-Oct-15 08:44:06

*baby bit. Not baby boy!

PastaPot Fri 02-Oct-15 09:23:25

It's so nice to read this and know I'm not he only one. I just know that another horrendous pregnancy, labour, and first 6 months of hell would send me loopy. Love my 4yo DS to pieces though and almost wish I'd had twins!

Littleonesaid Fri 02-Oct-15 09:27:24

Me too. DS is 2 and was such a high maintenance baby I feel like I'm only just recovering my sanity. I know that I don't want/couldn't manage another one, but that doesn't stop me thinking what if.

Toomuchjiggleinmywiggle Fri 02-Oct-15 21:20:15

It appears we are very much in the minority smile I don't know if I'm brave enough to do it again but I think I felt 100 times worse than o would have had I not had a horrific labour and birth, wasn't able to breast feed etc. I went back to work after 12 weeks which in hindsight was probably a sign that things weren't quite right for me!

foxy86 Sat 03-Oct-15 14:59:59

I feel like this too but i am socially awkward so doing 2 lots of birthday parties would be a nightmare. Plus i like that i only have to think about buying clothes for one child. Like today i went to supermarket and spent £40 on new clothes for 4 year old. If i had 2 i wouldn't have had the money to buy it all and buy 2 lots of kfc for them both to only eat fries lol. Plus the thought of dealing with 2 sick children when there is a bug going around is not a nice thought. I have plenty of nephews and nieces. My son was emergency c section also and if anything happened to me when having another i don't think hubby would cope very well.

hazelisours Mon 19-Oct-15 14:02:33

Am feeling the same OP. Love my one year old and I know the pros of sticking with one far out way the cons (for us anyway). BUT when I hear about someone's pregnancy or see a new baby announcement on FB I always get a twinge.

My hormones are ridiculous and the doc has advised I go back on the pill - it seems so final sad

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