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Those with a 10-12 month old Describe your day

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BabyLinthwaite Wed 10-Jun-15 23:42:43

I have a 10 1/2 month old and for some strange reason I feel I'm missing something out during the day. I'm a stay at home mum. I love it, my little girl is my everything but I get the feeling I'm not doing enough for her or with her. I'm wondering what is your typical day like for you and your little one. Wondering in if play enough with her and ideas of games to play also. Thank you.

Courts10 Wed 17-Jun-15 13:32:28

I feel exactly the same! I feel like I dont do enough with my DD who is also 10.5 months.
We go to a group or swimming probably once a week and We go to family twice a week.
I am also a SAHM so I always think, I can do it tomorrow.
Our day goes something like,
7am DD wakes I bring her into my bed (DH leaves for work at 5.30am) give her her morning bottle and we chill in bed/upstairs for a good hour after she has woken maybe more.
But 8.30 we are down stairs eating breakfast together, she then play on the floor whilst I clear breakfast away. Then it's back up stairs for us both to get washed and dressed. We come back down and again she is back on the floor playing with some input & interaction from me, around 10.30/11i put her down for her sleep this is when I prep lunch and tidy up down stairs from the destruction she has made. After waking from her sleep she has her lunch, then we either go in the garden depending on the weather in paddling pool/ball pit or we are inside and she is playing again with some input from me. When DH gets home he takes over whilst I do dinner he then baths her and puts her to bed whilst I clean up.
I feel like I should do a lot more with her then what I do
How does you day go?

BabyLinthwaite Fri 19-Jun-15 00:08:17

Well it's 7am up and washed/dressed with chit chat. 7:30am down stairs for bottle then we have play for half hour and then about 8/8:15am we have breakfast. She then plays on floor while I sort breakfast pots with input from me till 9:15am then we go upstairs, she cleans her teeth and we play in her room for 15-20 minutes and then at about 9:45/10am I put her down to sleep. She naps till 11-11:30am and during this time I tidy up and get her fruit and veggies ready for lunch. When she wakes we have chit chat/play till 12 lunch bottle. At 12:30-1pm it's her finger food time and yogurt and I leave her to it while I have a sandwich and yogurt ( obviously still watching her ). Then she plays while I clean her food splatter floor and high chair. Then we either go in garden and play toys or in paddling pool or inside with toys etc until about 3pm and then it's her nap til till 4/4:30pm. Then she plays with input from me till her tea time at about 5-5:15pm. After her tea we have TV time together for half hour cuddles or I read to her. At about 6-6:15 she plays in jumperoo while I sort her bath and then we go upstairs for bath, bottle and bed. Occasionally hubby is home in time to play with her in the bath. He's out before she wakes in mornings. Monday mornings we go to baby group and Starbucks, Thursday's it's her swimming lessons, Sunday's we go out as a family and on any other day we might to into town or meet a friend with their little boy. So I guess our days are similar. She very sociable and many people come up to her and talk to her but I still feel I'm missing something out hmm

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