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Lonely abroad (holiday and business) with our only child

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ToughMother Mon 23-Feb-15 15:10:07

When our Daughter was 2 we travelled Europe and the USA for three months, and found that it can be lonely when you only have one child.
Or if you're not staying in the location for a long period of time.

Has anyone else found holidays and (partner on business and you as stay home parent?) overseas trips with your 'only' child to be a challenge?

And leading on from this, I guess the question is, would we/you consider a holiday with other 'OnlyChildFamilys'?
...the idea being,
So that our Only Children could hang out with other Onlies for the holiday/ during trip, and have young person adventures/activity time?
Instead of it being all about us parents entertaining them 100% of time!?
PS Just wondering - I'm not propositioning anyone smile yet!!

CatieBlanket Tue 24-Feb-15 14:10:40

We go on holiday to places where there are kids' clubs and our DD also makes friends around the swimming pool. We have a great time and, when she's older, will let her bring a friend if she wants.

liz98 Wed 25-Feb-15 06:17:19

I've worried about the same thing, though we've never been on holiday for as long as you mentioned! We do visit family for a couple of weeks in the Summer and I've worried about our DS not having friends to play with but looking back, the only one really concerned about that was me, he was completely happy. We did do a holiday with another only child family last year and it was as good and as bad as holidays with the three of us together. Sometimes the two kids played together, but they also made completely different friends at the campsite and spent a lot of time apart. I would agree with CatieBlanket, campsites and places with kids clubs give them a chance to make friends, our DS has always made a friend on holiday, and frequently they don't even speak the same language!

EveDallas Wed 25-Feb-15 06:28:36

We decided long ago that we would 'sacrifice' our preferred style of holidays (long haul, adventurous, exploring) once DD came along, and instead go on resort based holidays where she would always find friends to play with and have more fun.

It's a maximum of 18 years out of our lives, and realistically a lot less than that. We have plenty of time to go where we want (and when we want) when she is grown. I'm enjoying the relaxing by the pool and reading a book, DH sun worships and chats to locals/other holidaymakers.

Our last holiday was to Egyot and I'd say we 'lost' her for at least 8 hours every day to the waterpark and the friends she made on day 1. She had a blast and we were happy as a result.

jessie98 Wed 25-Feb-15 06:39:43

EveDallas - what places do you go to? Are they particular hotel resorts? We've only done camping but maybe we could upgrade one year!!

EveDallas Wed 25-Feb-15 07:00:28

Hi Jessie,

In UK we go to a holiday park in Brean Sands - lots of kids, a fair, entertainment and swimming pool/splash park.

Otherwise we have been to:
Morocco (a Riu hotel in Marakesh and a smaller hotel in Agadir),
Holiday Village Manar in Tunisia,
Holiday Village Viva in Majorca,
Fuetraventura Costa Caleta (was a HV but closed now I think)
Jungle Aqua Park in Hurghada, Egypt,
Louis Phaethon Beach Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus
Atlantica Oasis in Limassol, Cyprus
and this year we are going to the Blue Lagoon Hotel in Kos, Greece smile

Simply for the amount of British Kids to play with I always book with Thomson or First Choice - yes it's more expensive than booking independently but you can pretty much guarantee lots of friends, especially in the school holidays.

HTH smile

jessie98 Thu 26-Feb-15 22:03:23

Thanks! I'll start

CroydonCat Mon 04-May-15 21:17:57

I love this idea! I know my daughter (age 5) really craves other children to play with, particularly on holiday and during the school holidays. I wish there was a club we could join or similar!

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