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partner has said no more children

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JDon15 Wed 18-Feb-15 09:46:50

feeling heartbroken and bursting into tears soon as im alone so thought i would post on here.

my partner and i have also wanted children i was said about 2 or 3 he used to say 10 i knew we wouldnt have that many but thought it would never be just he one

my son wasnt planned bjt was the best news in the world for me my partner was in shock but once he was here he has been a great dad and whem he was younger still said abot having 9 more.

every week there is a convo about childrens names childrens decor and he seemed all for the idea

i wanted the next to be planned so he didnt have such a shock amd could enjoy it from the word go with me

he said he wanted to wait he wasnt ready yet
then he said he was a 2 year age gap so will try now
we need we was unsuccessful and period came
after the first try he seemed different and he then told me he wants no more children never

as you can imagine im a mess emotions have been played with and im hurting

i dont want my son to never be a brother and if hes has children for them to have aunts and uncles i dont want him to be lonely when we are old and gone the reasons i want one partner agreed where i was coming from which confuses me even more

i feel like now i should of not said anyhing and if it happened it happened because now i will never have the family we spoke off and dreamt off and i feel like im gonna loose my partner all because i tried to do the right thing.

how can he see me so sad and be okay with it when he has given me mixed messages for years

advice please ladies sad

TheMidnightHour Wed 18-Feb-15 17:21:52

Don't want to read & run but not sure I have much help to offer.

I can understand why you're so sad - it really is something you grieve, imo. I wonder if your P is feeling temporarily unsure or perhaps unsettled about something else? (Job security, childcare for DC1, finances, the relationship...?) I think I would definitely want an answer.

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