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Mums of only children - whereabouts are you?

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verap Wed 21-May-14 12:05:41

I was wondering where everyone is, perhaps we could meet up other mums/dads with only children?

I have a 5 year old daughter, in Loughton (Essex)

Avpixie27 Sun 14-Feb-16 23:03:07

Im in Newport Gwent

Wrecktum Tue 01-Mar-16 21:40:51

Malvern, Worcestershire

Runwayqueen Tue 01-Mar-16 21:41:33

Newton abbot, Devon

PumpkinPie2013 Thu 03-Mar-16 17:22:59

North West, not far from Manchester smile

GroundHogLife Thu 03-Mar-16 17:24:06


glenthebattleostrich Thu 03-Mar-16 17:27:04

Just outside of wakefield

PerettiChelsea Thu 03-Mar-16 17:33:16

East Kent

hilbobaggins Sat 05-Mar-16 07:49:01

London (west)

Muskateersmummy Sat 05-Mar-16 07:52:22


Kayl93x Sat 05-Mar-16 16:09:26

Newcastle Upon Tyne

teabagsmummy Sat 05-Mar-16 22:06:26

Fife near kirkcaldy

Sedona123 Sat 05-Mar-16 23:09:00

Near Brentwood, Essex.

AJ279 Sat 05-Mar-16 23:10:57

Not far from Wakefield/Leeds.

glenthebattleostrich Sun 06-Mar-16 14:14:09

Ooh where AJ?

AJ279 Sun 06-Mar-16 18:48:22

I'm in Castleford glen, how about you?

glenthebattleostrich Sun 06-Mar-16 19:00:32

I'm on the border of wakefield and barnsley, right by the m1

Marmite27 Sun 06-Mar-16 19:01:45

Leeds, but my parents live near Pontefract

originalmavis Sun 06-Mar-16 19:01:46

London (centre)

Tanito279 Sun 06-Mar-16 19:02:28

Ooh Runwayqueen, I'm in Paignton, Devon smile

ocelot41 Sun 06-Mar-16 19:02:43

Sarf London

lozwil Wed 09-Mar-16 08:31:46

Leeds almost cas tho

Lndnmummy Fri 25-Mar-16 19:40:42

London (south east)

Dolly2404 Mon 28-Mar-16 18:30:54


CuppaTeaAndAJammieDodger Mon 28-Mar-16 18:32:26

Saffron Walden (Essex)

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