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Tea Room the 37th. A new one. Needs fitting out.

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UniS Mon 05-May-14 21:41:14

Here is Tea Room the 37th.
A new one.
Needs fitting out.

Please help.

CMOTDibbler Mon 05-May-14 21:50:56

Right, xxxxxl carrot cake, samovar of tea, supersized hay pile, duvet like Donki rug and some big squishy chairs coming right up. And a secret bunker like priesthole, equipped for all eventualities including a strangely large pile of Le Cruset

Donki Mon 05-May-14 21:59:35

《Opens the trap door from the priesthole》
《Drags out the sideboard》
《Returns a second time, leading Earl and Lady Grey, and turns them out into the paddock behind the cabin that Mellors is hurriedly fencing》
《Admires the spacious cabin with it's wide, south facing porch looking onto beautiful beech trees surrounded by bluebells》
《Lights the log burner as the evening is turning a little cool》

Than you UniS
You saved our bacon, in the nick of time.
The priesthole was really crowded there for a while smile

《Hangs a notice on the door reminding everone that fisticuffs are not allowed, and that molesting the aspidistra would cause really bad luck to afflict the perpetrator》

LushAndVerdant Mon 05-May-14 22:13:08

Well, isn't this nice?

::Proffers a dish of carrots a la mode for Donki in the priest hole::

LushAndVerdant Mon 05-May-14 22:14:19

::Props cardboard George Clooney on the verandah::

beanandspud Mon 05-May-14 22:57:58

:: staggers in, thinks about sitting in hay pile, gets on with organising the new tearoom::

:: replenishes the wine and cake for everyone ::

:: adds jelly beans, olives, gf bread and tapas to the sideboard ::

Scout19075 Mon 05-May-14 23:10:03

<<Waves from somewhere that isn't The Scout Hut>> I think we're technically "Up North" but seeing as one of the National Trust places I thought was in East Anglia and is in the Midlands what do I know?! I thought my general sense of direction in this country was crap until a few minutes ago when I sat here (in the hotel bar) listening to three locals discussing the country and at least one of them actually had no clue where in the country they were currently sitting. (Palm, meet forehead -- d'oh!)

Is there room for a Root Beer bar? Or at least a tap for the Root Beer among all of the other drinks at the bar?

Jacksmania Tue 06-May-14 00:30:14

Of course there's room for a Root Beer Bar. This is The Tea Room of Requirement, after all.

I think the aspidistra would look nice over here --->

mistlethrush Tue 06-May-14 09:01:42

I do like where you've put it JM - near the entrance where everyone will see it and it will get plenty of light but no direct sun... perfect!

I do love bluebells... They are particularly good in a beech wood that is just coming into leaf - the colours look spectacular together particularly if you can find a bit of sunshine to walk through them in.

MC VERY tired this morning. Do we think that 10.30 is too late to send cubs to bed when they're Y4? Its a good 2.5 possibly 3 hrs after MC normally goes to bed.

Donki Tue 06-May-14 09:17:23

I do think it's very late - but also in a group situation probably inevitable. The YD'spack never managed earlier- and often later on the first night.

LushAndVerdant Tue 06-May-14 09:24:46

Yes, it does seem late but probably also a recognition that if they were sent to bed earlier they would chat and muck about rather than sleep. And the day's activities would have to end very early to get a group of children fed and into bed by 7.30pm (which conversely seems quite early for Y4).

mistlethrush Tue 06-May-14 09:26:13

To me a realistic aim would have been 9.30.. which might allow a bit of messing about (which happened at 10.30) before they all get to sleep... There's no way I think that 7.30 would have been appropriate in the circs - but 10.30 just seems too late.

LushAndVerdant Tue 06-May-14 09:45:09

Well, in that case you should talk to the event leaders/organisers about your concerns, but (frankly) I expect they will tell you that they haven't got enough adult volunteers to get through the day's activities any quicker and they'll invite you to go along and help at the next one!

mistlethrush Tue 06-May-14 09:48:31

smile I have already volunteered to help out.

We're nearer 8pm most of the time now at home... just occasionally if there's been a bad night a 7.30 is required to top up the sleep a bit. I don't know whether it was the 10.30pm timing or the having his head banged against the tent pole several times after 10.30pm that really was the issue...

LushAndVerdant Tue 06-May-14 09:58:21

Well, you don't sound happy with the way things were run, so going along next time as an approved parent helper sounds like the best option. Great that you've already volunteered!

mistlethrush Tue 06-May-14 10:40:49

I think if it had been holiday time it would have been completely different - but he's had to get up for school this morning and is not in a suitable mood to go. That's why I asked whether it was reasonable or not, because I know that some of his school friends do go to bed quite a bit later.

LushAndVerdant Tue 06-May-14 11:16:40

Sure, but as I said, as you're not happy with how it was run, your best chance of influencing how the next one is run is to get involved.

mistlethrush Wed 07-May-14 14:24:04

DS has been saying that he's no good at cricket - I think that this is based upon his batting (which we're going to do some practice on at home). But he was asked to play an away match where they were taking 4 teams - he was in the D team. However, coming off the bus his games teacher told him that the umpire of the game he was in was impressed with his bowling - I thought what a nice thing to say to him - a) the other team's PE teacher picking him out and commenting on him to their PE teacher and b) his PE teacher remembering to tell him when dealing with trying to get a whole lot of children off the coach into the right place and off home with the correct parent. Clearly all the practicing with mistlehound has paid off a bit!.

Donki Wed 07-May-14 14:27:32

How lovely MT - it makes such a difference when they get a boost like that!

Donki Wed 07-May-14 14:31:35

<<Adds a lovely comfy dog bed for any Tea Room hounds that come visiting. Mellors is of course a whizz at dog care, training and walking>>

mistlethrush Wed 07-May-14 16:43:01

<tries to persuade mistlehound that she should be on the dog bed not the sofa>

Donki Wed 07-May-14 17:08:08

Of course Mistlehound can come on the sofa...

Jacksmania Wed 07-May-14 18:32:38

<budges up to make room for Mistlehound>

Good morning all (morning here). Tea? Or something stronger? I would really prefer something stronger but am at work so that wouldn't be appropriate grin

Donki Wed 07-May-14 19:13:52

It's not very much like a galvanised bucket, but needs must...

UniS Wed 07-May-14 19:41:51

tea sounds good. I'll save the wine till after I've done my invoices this evening.

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