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Dealing with second miscarriage - messages here are helping a lot

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liz98 Thu 20-Feb-14 06:52:35

I've just had a second miscarriage, and I'm still grieving over the loss. I didn't long for a second baby - it was a big surprise to find I was pregnant at my age, and I knew the likelihood of it being viable was slim but mainly I felt that it would be nice for my DS (he's 5) to have a sibling. The thing is I spent some time trawling the web and found some very negative posts about being an only which got me down. I know that people may be more likely to post on the internet when they are having problems dealing with situations. So I'd just like to say thanks so much for the messages on this board!! I read threads on this board a lot, and they are very helpful. So many of the messages here resonate with me and I agree with so much that is said. I'll always have some sadness about my DS being an only, but we have so much to be happy about and grateful I'm going to focus on enjoying life and stop moping around. Also, I have two adult only friends / colleagues, and they are both the most inspirational, lovely people I know, so can't be all bad being an only. Sorry for rambling, not had a lot of sleep lately

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