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Happy with one but maybe in 5 yrs...

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daisydee43 Sun 19-Jan-14 20:36:54

Hi anyone else with me ?
Have dd aged 2 and she's my little angel but very hard work. Me and dh are in no rush for no 2 but I feel like when she starts school I might think about it as am surrounded by friends new babies. Feel in eves that dd wants me to play in her room without dh - is this normal for a only? smile

I think so - they don't have a playmate so you become the playmate. It's fine to encourage them to play alone as well though.

I find it hard though. DS is 5 and an only. I'd always planned to have more but split up with his father. I think that the ages of 3 and 4 and even now would have been easier had he had a sibling to play with rather than just needing me to be that person all of the time.

beabea81 Tue 21-Jan-14 00:45:13

I'm going through exactly the same with my dd at the moment, she totally consumes me right now! I know it's the terrible two's but the constant tantrums and battles over every tiny thing are exhausting. Dh left his job before Xmas to go freelance so has been around to help (I'm a sahm so it's been me & dd at home together all day before now), he says he's nackered from dealing with dd! She does go to nursery two mornings a week so I do get a bit of time to myself then, she'll be 3 in April and friends have told me they get easier to manage at 3 - 4!! I've also said I couldn't cope with another baby til dd is at school, seeing my friends with 2 under 3's makes we wonder how on earth people cope! We're v unlikely to have a second because of health issues I have but if we could I would definitely wait til she's 5 too!

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