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Hello - feeling a bit low and wondered if any advice out there?

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liz98 Tue 14-Jan-14 23:38:23

Hi I've been lurking around this board and have found it really helpful. I have a 5 year old son and haven't been able to have other children due to fertility issues. Normally we get along just fine, I have put lots of effort into making friends, play dates etc and he seems to be able to make friends, and has a few close friends. We moved area just before he started school and he has settled in really well considering, he has a close friend already, so far so good. I am just finding it hard adjusting to making a new set of friends again. I have tried inviting kids round for tea in the local area but have only had one invite back. I have had a few mums saying that they'll invite him back but no invites up to now. He has been invited to a couple of birthday parties already which is fantastic given that he's only been there a short while. But when it comes up to weekends I kind of feel a bit sad about him not being able to meet up with kids locally. He had a blip about going back to school after Xmas, which to me is completely normal :-) but I'd like to try to get more activities for him round here and to go on play dates with his classmates. We keep up with friends from nursery and prenatal classes who have kids of similar ages, but I'm finding it really hard to meet up with friends in this area. I'm getting a bit tired of always doing the call out text/invite and haven't actually plucked up the nerve to send out a general "we're going down the park" text. Has anyone else been in this situation and has any advice? I know I should just keep on doing what I'm doing, but sometimes it gets me down. Hopefully when he is a bit older it would be easier for him to contact kids and go out but at the moment it is via the mums network and many mums round here have several kids and don't seem to want to do much at weekends. Sorry for rambling, not sure whether I am feeling more sensitive about this at the mo as I'm a bit tired.

RockinHippy Tue 14-Jan-14 23:49:12

Have you thought of out of school clubs for the weekend, there's probably lots to choose from, anything from cubs, to football, dance, drams, arts etc etc that way he'll meet other DCs away from school & be kept busy for a few hours too

We did this with DD when she was going through a rough time with bullying at school, not quite the same thing, but its never a bad thing to socialise away from school & do something that interests him, you might make a few friends that way too

liz98 Wed 15-Jan-14 19:59:29

Hi rockinhippy
Sorry to hear that your DD was being bullied, it is tough for them at times isn't it? Hope that's all over for you now. Thanks for the suggestions, he's just started a gymnastics class last weekend and did really like it. I'm just being an over anxious micromanaging mum! My DH has a lot of work on at the mo and so v often it's just me and DS. He just has to make the smallest comment about wanting playmates and it hits a nerve. ..guess there's always something to worry about. Anyway onwards and upwards, sure it will all be okay in the end. Looking forward to the day that I'm worrying about him being out with his mates till all hours!

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