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Working parents with year 7/8 onwards only children

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phoebeflangey Fri 23-May-14 17:37:35

My dd is in year 7 and has been staying to after school sports or in the library until 4pm every school day. During holidays I am either on annual leave or I use a really good activity camp (Kings) which is invaluable to me. She doesn't see her D so it's all down to me sad

Snog Mon 21-Apr-14 19:59:38

What time do you get home? my dd is home alone from 3.15pm to 5pm for 4 days a week which she doesn't much like but she is fine on her own. In school hols dp and I mainly take holiday at different times, with dd in Y7 spending the odd days with friends or on activity days. Now in Y9 she can spend odd days home alone and arange to meet up with her. friends smile . There are also loads of holiday clubs following special interests and free council run sessions.

peekandboo Thu 17-Apr-14 20:58:36

When I was in secondary school I often used to volunteer in the holidays and a couple weeks during the summer. I helped a charity who ran a holiday club for the younger children and I felt so grown up at 11 years of age lol being responsible and having a my own role and title and I would only do little things like taking the register every morning, helping during activities with the kids and helping lay out plates and cups for lunch etc but I loved it. Really enjoyed working with the children and now am training to be a teacher!

Maybe You DD could volunteer if there is anything she loves doing?

Misfitless Wed 23-Oct-13 23:07:15

I think crazymum's right - after school activities during term time. Round here they run holiday clubs for 11-15 year olds throughout the half terms and summer holidays.

crazymum53 Wed 23-Oct-13 20:46:43

Many secondary schools have an after school homework club where they stay and do homework after school e.g. in the library.
You could try this for part of the week. As you would still need child-care in the holidays probably won't be able to finish child-minder completely.

callmeovercautious Sat 12-Oct-13 22:50:04

I am hoping my Childminder carries on caring for my DD. I'm sure she will end up in all sorts of after school activities but I don't want her home alone as a teenager. Not every afternoon, I'm sure I'll have to look at my work pattern if not!

OneLittleToddleTerror Thu 10-Oct-13 15:58:22

Hi, I know my neighbour childminder takes secondary kids. She said some of them are too immature to leave at home and they still come to her for maybe a year after they started secondary. They don't count towards the 'number of children' a childminder can have. Maybe have a chat with your childminder if you are a bit worried.

Obviously it might be a bit boring for her to stay in with a childminder.

JonSnowsHarlot Thu 10-Oct-13 15:47:37

I am thinking about childcare when my DD starts secondary school and wondering what the norm is. Currently (she is year 5) she goes to a childminder before and after school and 3 days per week in teh school holidays. What happens when they start secondary - she will be too old for a childminders but too young to be on her own (especially all day in the holidays). All the other Year 5's I know have older siblings so they have company when at home alone.

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