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Please advise where to live for good primary school.

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Hellocleaveland Thu 26-Dec-13 18:39:28

Kingston has brilliant schools, but the better ones are in north kingston, where a 3 bed 1930s style house costs around £500 could get a smaller 2 bed Victorian cottage style house for around £470 perhaps. It is a really lovely area, but getting stupidly expensive! Good luck with the search!

Jennyzmg Sun 29-Sep-13 14:23:38

Hello, everyone, I'm getting headache for looking buying a house in london in the nice area for my boy close to the good school.
My buget is £470.000,( idea 3beds, but big 2bed should be fine) I wish I can live in london, with good easy transport and friendly neiburhood. any suggestion please?

We are living in a one bed room flat in pimlico at the moment.

I'd be appreciated for any idea and suggestions.

It looks Richmond looks a nice area, but a bit pricey, how about Kingston or tooting?

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