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New mum!!!! Always worrying about baby!!

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Salxxx1 Tue 02-Jul-13 20:08:58

Hi all, I'm new on here, and new to being a mum! I was just wondering if anyone Is having the same problem as me! I have a little girl 3months old. I'm told by doctors she is fit and healthy and has gained very good weight! But I worry as she will cough and then gasp for air!!! Go bright red and has on one occasion gone blue! If I give her a good pat on the back she will seems to sort herself out! But I am now worrying about her breathing and thinking she's not getting enough oxygen because she at times seems bit blue above her lips! I have taken her to the doc and she is being referred to the hospital! But the longer I wait the more worried I'm getting I don't leave her for a min as I'm so worried if she coughs she will have this choking fit!! I don't know maybe excess saliva!!! I'm on my own and don't have support around me would really help if anyone has some advice. She has not got reflux as iv had that checked!! Please help

youaintallthat Wed 03-Jul-13 10:56:21

I don't know about the coughing choking tbh but I know my lo used to get blue ish above / below his lips when he had trapped wind. My nephew used to get the same blue tinge when he had wind too.
Have you tried tilting the cot / Moses basket so that your dd is not flat on her back so that her head / chest are slightly raised that might help the coughing. also if it is saliva causing her to cough would a dummy help as it keeps her swallowing?
I would say if she ever gets blue on her lips or chokes / goes purple and it's enough to worry you I personally would phone 999 or get to a&e because they I'll check her oxygen levels there? No one would ever hold it against you for going to a&e or phoning an ambulance or a tiny baby that's choking...

YummyYummyYum Wed 03-Jul-13 11:18:01

All babies have that blue around their lips, don't worry. Some people say it's gas, I think it's their veins, especially when they get 'angry' or crying it's when you see it the most. After a while it's not noticeable. If you still feel there is something wrong, go the GP, it will be good for reassurance. Good luck.

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