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Gutted DP is adamant against another 1

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LittleBabyLucas Tue 25-Jun-13 12:29:00

It was my 13 mc it's become a part of my normal life which is really depressing oh well everything happens for a reason I guess

Butterflywgs Mon 24-Jun-13 02:51:47

You have plenty of time to have another. It may be your DP is just reacting to the miscarriage. Give him some time then discuss it again. Sorry you went through MC, it's awful x

LittleBabyLucas Mon 24-Jun-13 00:06:12

Oh I'm 27 And he is 30 so still lots of life and love left in the both of us!

LittleBabyLucas Sun 23-Jun-13 23:52:10

I have DS 15 months old, he has dd 2 years ds 4 years.
I have always been upfront about wanting another 1 since the first time we met.
2 months ago I had a MC while taking POP.
Found out allergic to progerterone and left ovary is 14.5mm while right is 7mm so a few med problems.
When DS is around DSD and DSS which is about 1 a month, he loves spending time with them and having someone to play with other than just mummy or DP.
He cries so much when they have to leave it breaks my heart. I really think another LO would help him have some sense of being "in" a family. Don't get me wrong I do my best for him but its not the same as having siblings, Im the eldest daughter with 3 younger brothers.
DP was open to the idea of having another 1 until the MC, now he is totally anti. He wont even talk about it. His reaction the MC was "its was never a baby so why are you upset"
I love him to bits but I feel like my family wont be complete until I have another baby. I only ever wanted 2 kids, is that such a bad thing? And as for finances, we can more than afford another baby.

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