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Wanting a 2nd baby

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Kt1991 Mon 06-May-13 11:03:22

My partner and I already have a little boy who's 2years 3months and I'm desperate to try for baby number 2, but my partner wants to wait another year or so. We're getting married next month, so I know that's a lot of expenses, but would be really nice to start trying on our wedding night. I suffer for PCOS and I'm really worried that its either gonna take me ages to concieve or not concieve at allsad so that's why I don't want To leave it any longer. Am I being unreasonable? Just feeling quite emotional about it at the moment. I don't want a huge age gap between our son and the next one though, or I will feel lol they won't bond.

Shallistopnow Mon 20-May-13 21:44:05

Men always want to put things off. He's probably forgetting about the 9 months it takes to grow so get on with it I say. He'll thank you in a few years when the kid are playing with each other instead of an only child nagging him to play! I have an only DD who is 7 and I so wish we'd had another. So much easier when you're at the beach etc - lie back & let 'em play.

BikeRunSki Mon 20-May-13 21:55:17

DH was adamant we were only having one child. I really wanted another! Then we spent a few days over Christmas a couple of years ago with my sister and her 2 DC (then 5 and 9) and a few days over New Year with DH's brother, wife and their 2 DC (then 2 and 4). Amazingly, there were periods during these visits when the cousins and DS all played nicely, so much so that DH realised that a second child might not be such a disaster. We started ttc in January that year (when DS was 2 y 3 months) ... DD was born in October!

The turning point was spending time with pairs of young siblings - could you engineer any similar situations?

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