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ive recently decided i want another child... please give me the pros and cons from an outsider point of view

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juicychops Sun 24-Mar-13 15:48:08

im 28 and have brought ds up as a single parent. he's now 8 so was 20 when i had him. was always happy to only have 1.

me and bf have been together 7 years he has teenage kids we dont live together yet but looking to do so in the next year.

i am very career minded and money orientated as is he, although we don't have much between us at the moment. we are both looking forward to having lots of money in the future once im working full time and got my career on track which will be in the next 2- 3 years. we both want a comfortable lifestyle where we can go on nice holidays etc which is possible for the near future as his kids will be grown up and left home so we will only have my ds.

however, this last week or so ive been starting to think about having another in the next couple of years with bf. he doesn't say no, but would rather have the comfortable lifestyle than another child. i want both and can't pick which i want more as obviously something will have to give. i also wouldn't want another baby much after i turn 31 maybe so that's my personal cut off.

what are your thoughts??

saycheeeeeese Mon 25-Mar-13 10:51:11

Money and material things dont equal happiness.

If you want and can afford another now then do it, if you're not particularly fussed then don't do it. smile

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