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Only child in the garden - what to do?

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UniS Wed 20-Mar-13 23:20:32

swing ball.

DS is now (just) 7. He likes his climbing frame, our hammock and swing ball.sometimes he pesters DH or I to play football or tennis.
He also "helps" a lot. Is now quite good at using lopers to cut small branches up for kindling. He waters stuff for us messily.

olibeansmummy Fri 08-Mar-13 22:33:56

An idea I love, if you like a more rustic look, is to get an old tyre and fill it with soil. Then you can dig/ plant things in it. I saw someone in the tv make a 'dinosaur garden' with rocks, ferny plants and toy dinosaurs. I'm going to do that for my nearly 4 year old this summer. Ds also loves to strip down to just old shorts and paint ( paper and himself!) then wash the paint off in a large bowl of warm, bubbly water ( and repeat...)

Hoopsadazy Tue 05-Mar-13 09:43:06

zzzzz -top tip on the sand as we have discovered the local cats do seem to like visiting our garden en route to somewhere else.

You are all more creative than me! Mind you, think it's an age thing. Was easier in other garden and he was younger.

What's B&M?

zzzzz Mon 04-Mar-13 22:23:00


Small gliders

Bit of gutter/pipe and a tennis ball

Bit of wood for a slope and cars

Paintbrush and water or chalks

Pot for stone soup

Magnifying glass

Get a lid for sand table or cats will visit.

FadBook Mon 04-Mar-13 22:15:23

You can get the foam jigsaw mats from mothercare for outside, I had a more of a material one (it was for indoor) which I used on the grass. Perhaps with slabs you're better off with the foamy ones. They sell them in Home Bargains / B&M etc for a fraction of the price I think.

Hoopsadazy Mon 04-Mar-13 19:33:39

Forevergreek - like it!

Naoko, you too.

Yes, I can get hold of some flower pots as want to grow some stuff myself anyway. Will let him pick one or two and see what happens. Do need to clear some more space in the wilderness first though.

I like the idea of a paving stab for chalking as would be more useful - unless can paint the shed.

I will also look for sand for the table - great idea!

forevergreek Mon 04-Mar-13 16:12:06

Get a flower pot an fit with soil, let him dig there/ make mini garden etc

Buy One paving stone and use for chalking

Sand in water table

Naoko Mon 04-Mar-13 16:10:58

I think I was about that age when my mum cornered off a bit of the garden and said it was mine to grow stuff. I appreciated you have no soil, but could you get some large tubs and let him pick a few things to grow in them, like flowers from seed or some herbs or even simple veg (some do well in containers)? I loved going out to water them, picking herbs for mum to put in dinner, pulling out the weeds (with mum supervising closely till I learned to tell weed from plant) and digging up carrots.

Hoopsadazy Mon 04-Mar-13 16:07:52

I like the idea of chalks cos they are messy in the house. Could get him a chalk board to put out there. Or paint the new shed (when we get it) with blackboard paint....if can do that.

Was the Mothercard playmat that foamy stuff?

Hoopsadazy Mon 04-Mar-13 16:06:07

4 yrs

Garden is not that big and there are no soil-y bits for digging

FadBook Mon 04-Mar-13 16:00:21

Teddy bears picnic?

Proper picnic (lunch outside)

Outside hunt (use google images to do a bingo list of pictures of bugs and outsidy things to find like: leaves, grass, stones, bucket, ball, pigeon, worm, spiders web)

We got a play mat in the sale from mothercare (probably aimed at babies) but is been great for outdoors, they can sit on it, take any toys outside etc and just play outside

Check out eBay for a cheap slide or swing for sale or Freecycle

megandraper Mon 04-Mar-13 15:53:04

Or how about coloured chalks and drawing pictures on the stones?

megandraper Mon 04-Mar-13 15:52:43

Is it big enough for him to ride a scooter or a bike?

BackforGood Mon 04-Mar-13 15:47:13

Depends a lot on his age but thoughts are....

Give him some scissors to cut off the leaves of the branches you are working on, so he's "helping"
- dig a hole (can't go wrong with a spade and some mud)
- look for creatures... a 'bug hunt'
-paint - just bring his paints outside
-dinosaurs or wild animals... can make a whole landscape for them out there
-collecting the stones! Sorting them / painting them / washing them / clearing a patch to later make his own garden

LoopDeLoops Mon 04-Mar-13 15:26:45

Plus, how old is he?

LoopDeLoops Mon 04-Mar-13 15:24:38

Sand in water table? Dumper trucks in there?

Hoopsadazy Mon 04-Mar-13 15:23:12

Spring is here (almost) and DS and I both enjoy going into the garden. However, I want to do a lot of cutting down branches (we moved in last autumn, so lots of tidying to do) and although he likes helping put the cuttings in the garden bin after a while he wants to do his own thing - or something else with me.

I'm happy to split my time and he's happy to do something alone or together. The issue we have is: what to do?

The garden is stones (so no solid surface like decking or paving and no lawn). We have tried kicking a ball around, which is great and he has some small cones to kick them through. But then we are stuck.

He has taken out some of his small cars to drive on the step.

But, what on earth can he do all spring until it's warm enough for him to play with his water table and get soaked?

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