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Positive representations of one-child families

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SallyCinnamonandNutmeg Tue 26-Feb-13 13:30:34

Sometimes it seems as if the "norm" of 2-children families is all I see/read I thought I would start a thread listing one-child families in books/on TV/in films etc ...can anyone add some more??

- Little Princess (books/TV)
- Tilly from Tilly & Friends (books/TV)
- Daisy (in Kes Gray series of books - also a one-parent family as far as I can tell)
- Milly-Molly-Mandy
- Christopher Robin

- Sainsburys Bare Necessities advert with dad & little boy playing on beach
- Weetabix Golden Syrup advert with dad & little boy having day out
(please ignore possibly slightly sexist nature of above 2 ads!)

Any more??? smile

SaladIsMyFriend Wed 27-Feb-13 11:14:09

My (only child) DD loves the Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf stories - I think clever Polly is an only smile

VW polo advert

CMP69 Wed 27-Feb-13 14:51:26

Tig in Wooly and Tig appears to be an only?? Anmoying little sod mind you, so maybe not a good choice? hmm

SallyCinnamonandNutmeg Thu 07-Mar-13 14:09:36

Another famous fictional only child - Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Arcadia Fri 08-Mar-13 04:02:13

Oh I like Tig! I like the programme too, as does DD. her dad in the programme is her dad in real life, and the mum is her auntie. I like their 'urban' lifestyle and liked the fact she was an only. Bit disappointed to find out that she is one of three in RL!

Arcadia Fri 08-Mar-13 04:03:09

Harry potter? (Though both parents died when he was a baby!)

JazzAnnNonMouse Sun 10-Mar-13 23:14:27

Hermione from harry potter is an only too smile

The ma advert... grin

MrsSham Sun 10-Mar-13 23:29:20

Condoleeza rice is an only child

showtunesgirl Sun 10-Mar-13 23:31:22

The Stevie Day books by Jacqueline Wilson. Not a very well known series but it's great.

Also even though it's a supernatural story, The Changeover by Margaret Mahy is also about a one parent family.

showtunesgirl Sun 10-Mar-13 23:31:46

Doh, I read that as one parent family. blush

TheFallenNinja Sun 17-Mar-13 06:42:00

What's possibly sexist about the last 2?

FeckOffCup Sat 23-Mar-13 17:19:54

The VW advert showing the little girl growing up and eventually driving off to university in her new car.

MorganMummy Sun 24-Mar-13 23:10:50

Clever Polly has a younger sister whom she has to rescue from the wolf's clutches at one point.

Will try to think of some as I would love to have lots of examples for my son.

Moominsarehippos Sun 24-Mar-13 23:14:33

Anything buy that banking ad with that ghastly girl pointing at bike, horse, car, house amd Daddy buying it for her. A perfect advertisement for contraception! I think they've pulled it now though (I prefer Rosie and the Mustang ISA ad!).

reddaisy Sun 24-Mar-13 23:16:14

The Grufalo's Child! And think the Grufalo is a lone parent too. We have a Little Princess book where she gets a baby brother so she isn't an only for long!

dabdab Sun 24-Mar-13 23:20:19

Danny the Champion of the World.

Moominsarehippos Sun 24-Mar-13 23:21:26

Charlie Buckett
Paddington Bear
Peter Pan

FeckOffCup Mon 25-Mar-13 12:19:41

Is Peter Pan an only child, I thought he went back to see his mum after some time in neverland but she has "replaced" him with another child?

MoYerBoat Mon 25-Mar-13 20:20:13

the girl in The Tiger Who Came to Tea smile

Lovemylittlegirl Tue 26-Mar-13 15:35:24

As others have said I think the VW advert is good and also the natwest advert where the dad is trying to save for his dream car, That's so us!

Lynnie77 Wed 27-Mar-13 12:14:24

My DD is obsessed with Woolly and Tig! I think she can relate to her, especially with it being filmed locally.

What about Little Nutbrown Hare, from Guess How Much I love You! smile

GoshAnneGorilla Tue 02-Apr-13 04:26:21

Milly and Molly are two only children who are best friends. That's on Tiny Pop. Also on there is Timothy Goes To School, which is about an only bear. Fair warning, it is a tad rubbish, but your little one may like.

vesela Tue 02-Apr-13 09:15:24

Bunchy (also by Joyce Lankester Brisley, who wrote Milly Molly Mandy)

NotTreadingGrapes Tue 02-Apr-13 09:19:37

Don't think the little princess (vile creature that she is) is a good role model.

I am the only daughter of an only son and have an only daughter. To be honest, I think you can overthink these things and create problems/issues where there might not actually be any.

It never crossed my mind to seek out books/films portraying onlies.

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