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Introduction :)

(5 Posts)
MomaP Thu 24-Jan-13 11:09:47

Hi ladies, I joined Mumsnet a couple of days ago and thought I'd say HIII smile

As soon as I saw this particular thread, I knew it would be very useful, with have only one beautiful child myself - My lovely 5 year old son, Cory.

I'll leave it at that. Anyone needs anything, or wants to personal advice, feel free to pop me an inbox.

MomaP Thu 24-Jan-13 11:11:19

Gah, sorry for my lack of grammar.
I'm in a bloody rush, haha!!

NynaevesSister Mon 11-Feb-13 19:47:56

Hello! smile

MomaP Wed 13-Feb-13 14:51:50

hiii grin

ChelseaKnows1 Fri 15-Feb-13 09:27:14

Hi, I joined mumsnet as I'm finding it difficult fending off friends who think my daughter Phoebe shouldn't be an only. smile nice to have a lot in common with only families.

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