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amazingmumof6 Thu 29-Nov-12 19:28:03

you are not selfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
some people have no children at all so they don't have to sacrifice their lifestyle - that's selfish

you are not selfish, your health is very important - for your own sake, for your DH and for you existing DC!!

or yes you are selfish, but only in a self-preserving & sensible way!

yes, it would be lovely for your child to have a sibling - but a happy and healthy mummy is more important!
what's the point of having 2 kids if you end up being too ill to look after them?
I have friends who were in a similar situation and I said the same thing...

It is a hard decision to make - what does gp say about your options?
I mean if you really want another baby there are ways to help you - but so many time what we imagine and wish for end up being so different from reality, no point feeling guilty about having "only one"!

btw for some people "only one" is the dream they never achieve, so I think you are lucky already!! smile

davlotte77 Thu 29-Nov-12 09:24:35

hi everyone

Myself and my husband are currently making the difficult decision on whether we have another child. I suffered with moderate PND after our first which has scared me a little, but recently I have been suffering with the most appalling PMT that has lasted nearly a month. Its the kind of PMT that reminds me of how appalling I felt with my PND. I ended up in the doctors in floods of tears, convinced I was the verge of some kind of nervous breakdown. As soon as my next period came I was back to normal and the whole thing seems to have been some kind of hormonal blip. I can't do this anymore and am seriously considering having my coil put back in. My husband says he's fine with just 1 but I am very guilty and don't know what to do. I've always imagined my family with 2 kids but just don't think I can cope with anymore of this hormonal nightmare. I suppose i'm looking for some positive only child stories and reassurance that i'm not being a selfish cow!!

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