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Any regrets sticking at 1?

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mustbewinetime Wed 21-Nov-12 11:57:36

Did any of you decide to only have 1 child after not enjoying the baby stage and then live to regret it?

My DD is now 2.1 and I love the stage she's at. However both me and DP have decided to just stick with her after finding the first year especially the newborn stage so much harder than we expected. Is life really so much more chilled with just 1 child to look after?

goodmum123 Thu 06-Dec-12 20:55:30

Your thought-provoking comments have really got me thinking at sticking at one. Thank you

CheerfulYank Thu 06-Dec-12 21:14:17

I have just one now (he's 5) but am due with #2 in May. Ideally I'd like 4 or 5! grin

We waited such a long time to try again (it felt like, anyway) that I started to think that it might just be DS, and I could see a lot of positives about it really.

neriberi Fri 07-Dec-12 16:16:23

I'm one of 3 sisters and have always wanted a large family, but have decided to stop at 1.

I was very poorly when I was pregnant and have since discovered that I have a serious medical condition so much so that I've been advised by my consultant that my health and the health of my baby is at risk if I choose to have more children.

Even though I can hear my ovaries screaming at me in a very very very loud voice, I have decided to take my consultants advice and not have more children because the health risks far out weigh my screaming ovaries.

GateGipsy Sun 09-Dec-12 19:12:01

DS is now 7 and I am more than sure we made the right choice. I think that everyone knows when they've completed their family. For some it is at 1 for others it is 2, and so forth. I have two older step children, both in their 20s, and my son, and that's my perfect family. I know that son has this idealised vision of having a younger brother who would dote on him and do everything he says, and keep him from ever having to play alone. But of course it doesn't work like that, and he knows that more now his friends have siblings.

I can give attention to my son, and do things with him that I just couldn't do if there were two or three of them. I enjoy every stage of his life, but I'm happy when we move on to the next one too, and I wouldn't want to go back. I've no desire at all to do it all over again, and am looking forward to my newborn fix when my wonderful step children have theirs!

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