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Pregnant and know it will be an only child- just want to say hi!

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Pinkflipflop Fri 28-Sep-12 07:53:51

Just wanted to say hello and how glad I am to have this section of mumsnet!

I'm currently 33 and pregnant with my first dc; I'm 21 weeks and we just found out it's a boy. I guess I had a fleeting moment of "what about all the pretty dresses" but I'm pleased we are having a boy. If he turns out to be half the man my husband is, he'll be amazing!! blush

Well, anyway, I know that this will be our only dc but anyone I've told have been a little, "don't be so silly" in their response. Result is, I'm not going to mention it again as it's no one else's business!

We are married for twelve years before we decided to try for a baby, so I guess that's part of my reason, age but also I don't just have an inclination for a big family.

I think about all the cliches, onlies are spoilt, can't share, attention seeking, will be lonely but I think that's remedied by parenting.

I don't know many other parents of only children, so it's nice to have this board.

I enjoy reading the posts and they certainly help me with my concerns!

Thank you!

Arcadia Sat 29-Sep-12 11:57:04

Hi pink I have an only who is now nearly three and she is the most sweet natured, kind little girl, she is really good at sharing and people comment on that. she also plays beautifully with other children, we are quite strict and have made sure that she is not spoilt and I really think that it is all about parenting style more than having siblings or otherwise. It has been DP's choice to have one and he hasn't changed his mind, in some ways it is a bit hard especially as friends get pregnant again but in some ways I am relieved to have my life back and not have to go through it again (didn't enjoy the baby stage!).

Arcadia Sat 29-Sep-12 11:59:00

BTW I really wanted a boy but now really happy to have a girl. You just adjust to what you have and are happy with it from what I can see with friends as well. I don't really feel the wish to have a boy at all as my daughter is just right!
good luck with the rest of the pregnancy.

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