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mid 30 crisis!!

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mindy31 Mon 20-Aug-12 15:41:13

well i think iam in a funny mood and have been for a few weeks - what do you all do with yourselves'??? i have one daughter who is nearly 4 my partner works 6 days a week and i work 3 days a week - i have friends etc but i dont feel fulfilled - i ve just had a week off from work and ive felt bored and fed up although i have got out and about doing stuff with my daughter - which it very often is just me and her - sometimes i will sit in the house and feel totally fed uo and dont no what to do with myself like i have to much time on my hands - so suppose i was wondering what does everyone else do with there time?? i no people will think this is a silly post but just curious!

Dutchie77 Tue 11-Sep-12 06:46:19

Read a book or magazine. Follow a course at the local college. Go for a swim. Try out new recipies. Volunteer for charity. Etc etc etc

Loads of choice. Good luck!

squareheadcut Fri 26-Oct-12 23:26:47

have another kid

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