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How do you deal with people asking you about #2

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lettingitallgonow Wed 14-Dec-11 12:30:29

We have a lovely DD aged 4 and have been trying for #2 for over a year now. I'm nearly 40 so it's looking unlikely that we'll be having a second sob

I'm a really private person (ok putting this on the internet isn't exactly private but i can hide behind my online persona) and I get really narked as, it feels like, everyone is asking when we'll be trying for number 2. My standard response tends to be fairly non descript along with shrugged shoulders and a 'not sure we want a second'.

But should I simply tell people we've been trying, for over 12 months now with no success (I hate the thought of doing that), or simply tell people to 'mind their own business', but I also can't see myself doing that as the people asking tend to be friends or family..

I still get really upset that it hasn't happened and dont' want to have big indepth conversations with people about my sex life or reproduction system..

How do you do it?

CraftyHana Tue 17-Jul-12 13:39:11

I have always let my feelings known, I only ever wanted one. I couldn't believe that when ds had just been born how many people asked when I would have another. With limited time and resources I'd rather do a good job with one than half arsed with two! Seeing my SS with her 3 and SIL with 2..that's enough to put you off even if I wanted more!!

MrsSquirrel Tue 17-Jul-12 13:51:27

I once said to someone 'You do realise what you are asking, don't you? Have you had sex? Did you use birth control?' I'll always remember how she just stood there with her mouth open.

LesleyPumpshaft Fri 27-Jul-12 07:55:05

DS is now 13 and he is an only child. I split up with the loser his father when DS was 18 months old.

People always used to ask me if I was having more and told me that I should have another, otherwise it wouldn't be fair on him. I would have loved to have another child, maybe two. There was a slight problem though. I didn't ever meet a suitable man who wanted children.

So, when people used to ask me about child #2, I used to ask them if they thought I should find a man and use him for his sperm. That used to shut people up. grin

These days I'm happy to have one.

Ambi Fri 27-Jul-12 08:04:11

I said that DD is so perfect I'm not sure I'd risk another being hard work. They have no come back for that.

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