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The moving castle tea room touches down for the 29th time

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UniS Wed 07-Sep-11 21:09:53

Welcome to the tea room. Open to those with one child and those with more and maybe some with none ( hi dave the trucker).

This time we are heading to the mists and mellow fruitfulness of Autumn in a moving castle with a mind of its own. The roaring fire is maintained by magic and Mellors the gardener handles wine and spirits along with massage duties.

The first rule of the tea room is this
No fisticuffs.
The second is this
Put the kettle on for brew and help yourself to a biscuit

Scout19075 Wed 07-Sep-11 21:21:53

This is very cozy -- not at all drafty.

MissPricklePants Wed 07-Sep-11 21:32:09

hi, can i join you all in here?i have 1 dd (2.3) not planning anymore. I will get the kettle on smile

Scout19075 Wed 07-Sep-11 21:34:51

Welcome MissPricklePants! Thanks for the brew -- would you like a biscuit?

Donki Wed 07-Sep-11 21:35:21

<<Arrives with a large sack of hay, a sack of carrots and a galvanised bucket>>

Gosh, my hooves make a bit of a racket on this floor!
The fire is lovely and warm though.

Back in a tick
<<Exits stage left, pursued by a bear>>

MissPricklePants Wed 07-Sep-11 21:42:12

thanks scout i would love a biscuit

UniS Wed 07-Sep-11 21:58:15

UniS unrolls the rugs so donki stops tap dancing .

beanandspud Wed 07-Sep-11 22:01:37

Hello all!

<<unpacks marshmallows for toasting on open fires>>

Can I interest anyone in a castle-warming wine?

Welcome Misspricklepants!

UniS Wed 07-Sep-11 22:03:23

ohh, yes please to wine shal we get mulling. Hi picklepants, nice to see you here, jammy dodger?

Donki Wed 07-Sep-11 22:08:48

<<Donki arrives, and the NMBs skitter down her shoulders and scatter into the room>>

<<Curls up in hay pile by warm fire>>

<<Hastily gets bucket of water and puts out hay conflagration>>


MissPricklePants Wed 07-Sep-11 22:13:13

wine goes nicely with the biscuit thanks for the welcome!

Scout19075 Wed 07-Sep-11 23:07:05

<<Hangs a do-not-disturb sign off of the Camp Blanket wrapped around me>>

Good night, lovely Tea Room Ladies. Good night, lovely new Castle Tea Room.

<<Sounds of soft snoring/wheezing come from under the blanket>>

Thumbwitch Wed 07-Sep-11 23:25:50

Hello MissPP! Welcome to the moving castle!

<<lugs glitterball in and looks for suitable rafter to hang it from>>

Where are those NMBs - I'm going to need some help...

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Wed 07-Sep-11 23:34:23

::props George Clooney in pride of place on the distressed chintz sofa::

How lovely it is here! And welcome, MissPricklePants!

Jacksmania Thu 08-Sep-11 05:21:39

A castle! This is nice. Where can I hang the Canadian flag? On the wall? Or off one of the ramparts?

What exactly is a moving castle? [ignorant emoticon]
Should I be feeling it shift beneath my feet? I'm feeling a bit wobbly.

Welcome MissPricklePants. Love your name grin

Tee2072 Thu 08-Sep-11 06:19:15

My goodness I get a day behind and we've moved! 'Tis lovely!

::positions fainting couch in front of the fire and, well, faints::

Welcome MissPP!

LCT all better, by the way and went back to nursery yesterday. My throat still hurts but GP says it's not red. hmm


Thumbwitch Thu 08-Sep-11 06:26:04

JM - it's like this only MUCH bigger and probably has elephant legs rather than chicken ones. grin

MaryBS Thu 08-Sep-11 07:40:55

<settles in with a brew>. Anyone like some coffee/tea?

mistlethrush Thu 08-Sep-11 09:18:55

Nice to see you MissPP!

Look what I found in a torn open box marked 'spare sofa cushions' and pushed to the back of the broomcupboard!

<Puts aspidistra behind the suit of armour by the window so that its not too obvious when JM makes an appearance>

I was assuming the castle was a bit like the musical shop that appeared in Ankh Morpork ... which has always been there when it arrives, but never been there when its left...

Yesterday Mc brought home two class library books from school - one was a story book for boys with a number of stories in chapters with illustrations - decent amount of text on each page and in each chapter but not excessive. Yesterday he read chapter one of Gullivers travels. This morning he read five chapters of that and the one about sea creatures over breakfast. He read them to himself but was able to tell me what happened (and I do get him to read aloud too). It might not be ideal reading over breakfast... (although if he's reading he can manage to get the odd spoonfull in and is not so busy talking that he doesn't eat, which is an advantage in itself) but I'm hoping that this is the start of him really appreciating how fun it is reading books. Although I'm sure that when he gets his 'reading books' home it will be a different kettle of fish.

School going OK so far - he's come back with a sticker each day, yesterday for showing the new boy where the snack boxes should be (and I think he talked to him at lunch too)

Having a big problem trying to convince him that, even if he sings high, he doesn't sound anything like a girl. I did point out that all the cathedrals had choirs made up of boys and that they wouldn't choose boys if girls were better grin. I do want the shop to hurry up with his violin though!

mistlethrush Thu 08-Sep-11 10:29:44

Who needs brew and a piece of ginger cake (its gone rather gooey)

Re parcels (still not sent UniS anything to read but its on its way along with the helecopter Tshirt grin) the rules were 'something to read' I thought - not necessarily a book though. I'm certainly not sending a book, but I hope what I do send will go down well.

MissPP, please excuse the conversations that clearly refer back to things long ago... I managed to jump on early in the tearoom history (1st one I think) so only had several pages to wade through to get the general jist - but its been moving around for a number of years now and quite a few of us are long-term inmates residents. However, more recent additions will confirm that you do get used to it, catch up on what's happening where and what things refer to etc...

My Ds is 6.5 and just started Yr2. No doubt the tearoom will be propping me up over the coming weeks about it!

girliefriend Thu 08-Sep-11 10:33:25

Hello all can I join you? I do have the mandatory one child! Am desperate for a

mistlethrush Thu 08-Sep-11 10:36:27

< hands brew to girliefriend>

Hate to disappoint, but not everyone here has the mandatory 1 child... However, I think a majority of us do - and everyone is sympathetic to those that do have just one for whatever reason (and support those that may be trying for more than one, or have more than one, or whose 1 child has effectively flow the nest)

Pull up a chair by the fire - you might need to throw off a few NMBs before you sit down, and mind out for Donki's hay pile.

Tee2072 Thu 08-Sep-11 10:38:04

So, my fellow mummies, what do you do when you are ill (yes, now I have the V part of D&V) no child care and a husband who has to be at work (University Open Days)?

We're doing CBeeBies and DVDs and some quiet play but I worry LCT won't get out of the house today. That normally wouldn't worry me, as it's rare, but he's been inside so much this past week with all of our illnesses!

Welcome girliefriend! Kettles just on the boil, help yourself!

mistlethrush Thu 08-Sep-11 10:56:17

Tee - Cbeebies and DVD today won't matter in the least.

Last nov I was so ill that I just couldn't cope... The Monday Ds was off with me (fine). Tuesday I took him to school (fine). Wednesday I managed to get him in to school in the snow - OK, went to Dr, managed to get to pharmacy for more antibiotics - just about OK. Nearly picked him up from school then - but didn't - should have done as then got a message that school were closing early. Managed to contact one of his friends whose mother was on the way - she brought ds round later having picked him up. Thurs - school closed (snow). Managed to get ds his breakfast and myself pot of tea. Rang my parents in tears - they started to sort themselves to come and stay (3.5hr journey) - but rang DH (4hr journey, staying away) - who rang and said did I need him home - at which point I collapsed in tears again and said yes. He rang DS's godfather who collected ds before lunch - ds had got everything he needed himself. I was too ill to do anything.. and very active, full of beans ds was just too much to cope with on top of that. However, if 'normally' ill, staying in and TV not going to hurt for a one-off.

Scout19075 Thu 08-Sep-11 11:20:02

Hello girliefriend! I'm Scout. ToddlerScout (TS for short) will be two (shock) next month. I'm part of the foreign contingent -- an American living in the UK married to a Brit.

Sympathies to Tee. It happens a lot here, too. We have CBeebies days, too. And when I can't handle any more of that I turn on cheesie American tv shows while TS plays/reads.

TS officially has a cold. sad Poor boy. HAVE to drag him out, though, as I'm having my next injection with the nurse at noon. Given that we're still in limbo regarding the visa/MrScout's departure/our plans I don't want to keep putting the injections off, just in case we have another last minute scramble like last month.

Yes, it was something to read. I sent JM lots of the booklets/magazines with recipes that you get from different grocery stores. Speaking of packages, JM, we'll be sending chocies and your homemade gift when we're in the States. Given how long it seems to take your parcels to get from there to here I think sending it from either FL or home will be quicker/easier. grin If MrScout gets there before me I'll have him mail your goodies.

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