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lots of questions from a new mum???

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ChloesYummyMummy Thu 23-Jun-11 17:56:05

Hi, I am a first time mum, my little one is 8weeks old, i have a few question to ask any advice would be great :-)

firstly... how long did it take everyone to heal downstairs?? i am still too painful for any kind of intercourse but didnt have stitches sorry tmi...

secondly... My little girl can now smile which is amazing!!! although it is quite hard some days to get her to smile and can take a lot of taking, smiling and singing to her to get a reaction. Is this normal? as a few people have commented that their children smiled lots at 8 weeks. Also she isnt great with her head? and cant hold it up for long at all i know all babies are different and develope at different rates. just wondering when other peoples little 1s smiled and held their heads up

thanks in advance

Vic1982 Thu 23-Jun-11 20:16:31

Firstly congratulations on the arrival of your daughter. smile
Like u mentioned each baby develops at different rates, i wud say that as long as your health visitor is happy with how your daughter is getting on i wouldnt worry.
As for healing, i had real discomfort for almost 12 weeks. However, my daughter is now 6mths old and I still have the odd day when i feel tender. When I mentioned it to a health visitor I was told that it can take some women up to 3 yrs to totally recover. confused

EmmaNicole Fri 24-Jun-11 16:01:48

Hi, congratulations on a wonderful baby really is the most amazing time. My advice would be (and I know it's hard) don't stress about it...your baby will develop and do things in her own good time and that is what makes her unique and wonderful. I can say this as I have a DD who is 2 and I now look back and miss those early days and weeks and wish I hadn't spent so much time willing the next stage to come. Chill out, slow down and enjoy the beautiful thing you have created....the time really does fly by.

And regarding the other...I was sitting on a rubber ring for ages! (I didn't have stitches either) but it does get better.

shavmcv Tue 12-Jul-11 12:52:26

You spend months watching your daughter wishing for the next milestone to come . Can she lift her head can she roll over can she sit up .... The next thing you know you have a 6yo monster and you miss that little bundle lying in the Moses basket that can only eat sleep n poop !!!grin

The best advice is enjoy the baby stage while it's there because once it's gone it's gone !

I had stiches and wasn't ok down there for about 4 months . As long as your mw has checked you over and is happy with your healing I wouldn't worry .

Congratulations and enjoy !! smile

rockinhippy Fri 15-Jul-11 11:58:24

Congratulations & as already said - your baby & your healing will be personal to you & so try not to worry - though do be aware that those raging hormones will make not worrying difficult for quite some time smile - but its ALL normal

My own DD was smiling at 2 days old & holding her head up from birth I might not believe it myself now if I didn't have photos to look back onconfused - that had me worried that she had bad wind & was somehow abnormal as a friends DD born within weeks was exactly the opposite in that she was a much later developer all round - they are both 8 now & no difference at all, bar 1 is more reserved & happy to be 8, whilst mine is a feisty moo who wants life on fast forward so she can grow up shock

I took a long while to heal, but I did have a lot of stitches - 8 weeks is still early days, so try not to worry, but no harm in bringing it up with your GP & see what they have to say about it, better safe than sorry as they say smile

& totally agree with enjoying the baby stage - its gone in a blink & you suddenly have a cheeky tweeny on your hands - not that I'd change her for the world of course smile

chester21 Sun 02-Oct-11 16:04:36

hi i am a first time mum as well to a beautiful little boy.

Congratulations on the birth of your little girl, it is such a worrisome time i have found but you are right to know that each baby develops differently. my little boy wasnt very good with his head either and i was told to give him loads of tummy time which he hates with avengence but i perservered a few minutes every day and his head control is so much better and he last a lot longer on his tummy now.

my little one is 20 weeks and i still have some tender days down there just take each day at a time and try not to stress about it (easier said than done i know) but your little angel will get stonger every day and one day you will wake up and she has get the head control.

Firawla Sun 02-Oct-11 16:15:03

hi! mine is the same age, 8 weeks today! grin
as everyone said they all develop differently so wouldn't worry too much she sounds fine, 8 weeks is still very little..
mine is holding his head but still bit wobbly at times, he has started smiling more recently. maybe only in the last week or so have had proper big smiles
have been all healed & fine for quite a few weeks now but think it seemed to take longer with my 1st

Donki Mon 03-Oct-11 10:00:35

I don't remember when the Yong Donk was holding his head up and smiling, but his peers at the group run by the health visitor all did things at different ages.

"Down there" I do remember at 6 months, my GP making me an appointment to see the Gynaecologist, by the time the appointment came through 6 weeks later I was much better - but it was a year before all the tenderness had gone.

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