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hi everyone!!

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kelway Tue 28-Dec-10 20:03:42

not sure if this is the right place for me. I just got a roasting when i dropped in the middle of a thread that was getting pretty heated how lucky they all were to have more than one child (thought i might distract them temporarily from giving the poor op a roasting), well, it worked. some old bag lectured me how stupid i was for only having one as it was my fault as my infertility was self imposed (i am old) blah blah. rotten old sow. I was by a nice friendly posted put in this direction. Yes, i know, alot of people who have one child (they are rare where i live) have one through choice, but i know of alot who have one not through choice, this is the category i fit into). I also feel more comfortable chatting to women of one child, for many reasons i guess. Good evening to you all! i have a dd of 7. xx

marriednotmulled Tue 28-Dec-10 20:40:40

Hi Kelway. I've got more than one DC but I saw the bunfight on the other thread so I thought I'd give you a friendly wave while you wait for some pleasant company smile

GrimmaTheNome Tue 28-Dec-10 20:45:24

I missed the bunfight, but do only have one DD (she's 11). I don't know if I'd have chosen to have more if I'd started earlier and not turned out to be subfertile, but I'm happy enough with the way things have turned out. smile

Tee2072 Tue 28-Dec-10 20:47:06

I have one child (18.5 months) and he will be an only by choice.

Sorry you fell into a bun fight. I always seem to miss those!

kelway Tue 28-Dec-10 21:04:37

nah, it was nothing. there is a long thread whereby a women with three children posted a thread among other things made the mistake of mentioning, if i am remembering it correctly, that her two sons go to private school, her dd does not and that her christmas gifts to her children were not expensive, fancy in keeping with her privately educated sons friends. she was being given a hard time so i thought i would lighten up the mood by from nowhere saying something on the lines of 'how lucky they all are for having so many children' poster took a dislike to this comment...i am made of sterner stuff than that so it went over my head so it was harmless, she had a right go at me mind'. at least it took the attention off the poor op who was accused by some as being a bad mother

asmallbunchofmistletoe Wed 29-Dec-10 00:38:33

Hello kelway. My situation is is some ways similar to Grimmathenome's but as time goes by I have become happier and happier with the way things have turned out.

I'm sorry you got clobbered on the other thread. There's a tea room on this topic - do drop in if ever you want to drink virtual tea or Bolly or witter on about the joys of being a one child family.

chivers1977 Wed 29-Dec-10 08:25:12

Hi Kelway, I have followed you here as another one child family smile

ben5 Wed 29-Dec-10 08:29:48

i saw the beginning of that thread. but missed your bit!
i have 2 ds and happy but would be happy with what i got

bluejeans Wed 29-Dec-10 09:16:30

One child here and very happy! It's only taken 10 years for people to stop hinting about a little brother or sister...

gibba8 Fri 31-Dec-10 20:21:19

Hi Kelway
I have 1 DD aged 7. I also would of loved more but blessed to have the daughter I have after 6 years of treatment. This is definetly the right place for you!

Orissiah Sat 01-Jan-11 17:44:32

One child here too - by choice and will remain an only. Very happy as a family of three :-) And I was an only and happy too.

Acinonyx Sun 02-Jan-11 12:31:03

One dd 5 - not by choice, but very grateful to have the one. She's a lovely girl, but if she could play on her own for more than 2 minutes that would also be good......

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