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What does your DC do whilst you prepare breakfast/lunch today?

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nappyaddict Sat 25-Dec-10 11:28:14

In other families I imagine the children play together whilst Mum and Dad are in the kitchen getting things sorted. I feel a bit guilty about DS playing on his own on Christmas Day!

SleepingLion Sat 25-Dec-10 11:33:37

We always make sure DS has some Lego/annuals in his stocking so he fiddles around with those/reads for some of it. Then we all go out for a walk (still lots of snow so a proper Christmas walk this year grin) and I come home early to MN start preparing lunch while he and DH spend a bit more time out working up an appetite!

Merry Christmas!

DSs are out for a walk with Dh and my SDad, DD (who was throwing up from 9pm last night until 5.30am this morning) is wrapped in a blanket watching SpongeBob. I'm MNing while my Nan, my Mum and my sister are preparing dinner ( I had no sleep as I was up with DD so I get to be lazy grin)

No playing with toys as we don't open presents until after dinner (they've had their stockings though, we're not that mean!)

nappyaddict Sat 25-Dec-10 12:49:39

What did they get in their stockings

veryberry21 Sat 25-Dec-10 13:00:28

My three ds are upsatirs playing on HALO REACH and my daughter is currently sitting on the other side of her room on her new laptop.
3 big lads; can actually here them screaming from here.

Don't have to worry about lunch because at around half threeish we will be heading off to my mam and dads for dinner and more presents. For now they are living off a diet of bacon sandwiches, sweets, chocolate and carrots (yes, carrots) .

Hope you dd gets well soon.

UniS Mon 27-Dec-10 18:22:56

Walked back from pub via snow covered park with me and granny and then helped me lay table while Daddy cooked.

HSMM Tue 04-Jan-11 08:21:39

We all slept through breakfast on Christmas day grin. Made lunch together and started a jigsaw in between stirring gravy etc. DD (age 11) just helps out if she's around while meals are being prepared. Sometimes she likes to spend some time on her own in front of the TV, phoning friends, or on her laptop, but generally she just joins in with what we are doing.

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