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Nurseries/childminders in North Kingston?

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teenageriot Tue 29-Jun-10 21:28:44

We're moving to North Kingston in a month's time, giving up DD and DS's great nursery in Stoke Newington. DS is due to start school 1 September but need a nursery asap for DD (2 years). Will consider CM for an interim period but prefer nursery long term.
Anyone have any recommendations?

narmada Thu 01-Jul-10 17:00:52

Hi there, whereabouts are you going to be in North Kingston??

Our DD, aged 2 goes to Dicky Birds New Malden - which is actually quite near to parts of North Kingston. We are really happy with it. Others in the area are Little Stars (Gloucester Road I think) and Coombe Day Nursery (by Norbiton station). I have a friend who uses the latter and is very very happy with it. Another friend uses Dicky Birds surbiton but that might be too far from you, depending on where you are.
There is another one called Active Learning but I don't know much about it. Think it's supposed to be OK tho. And yet another called Dolphin Nursery - again, another friend uses that one but her little boy hasn't been too happy there - but I have no idea whether the nursery is at fault there. I doubt she'd have kept him in if it she wasn't happy with the general air of the place.

Hope that helps.

PS if you go to the ofsted website, and put your new postcode into their search, you will get a list of nearby nurseries. you can also do that for childminders.

teenageriot Fri 02-Jul-10 21:39:14

Thanks a lot! We'll be in Durlston road, but I think the distances aren't that bad are they, we'll probably take DD on a bikeseat so can travel a bit. And thanks for the tip re: ofstead.

mags168 Sun 07-Aug-11 00:57:24

Anyone know of day nurseries that operate from 7:45 to 6.30.
Am moving to the area and need these hours as DH and I have to work.


Treats Thu 11-Aug-11 11:42:41

Hi mags168 - think you've revived an old thread but are also asking - on another thread - about New Malden/Coombe?

Just to say - DD goes to Kingston Day Nursery in Lower King's Road, which is open those hours and we're very happy with it. I also looked round Dolphin Nursery and thought it looked fine, but preferred the more intimate feel of KDN. Those are the only two in N Kingston that take children for those hours.

If you're looking in Coombe, Coombe Day Nursery next to Norbiton Station is where my nephew goes and gets a big thumbs up from my sister. Hope that helps.

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