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Leaving present

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MrsDoolittle Fri 12-Aug-05 09:38:34

I'm sure this has been done to death.
Today is dd's last day at her nursery, we are moving. We are very sad to be leaving this nursery as dd really loves it.
I am trying to think of a gift for them as we leave.
Any ideas?

I can only think of chocolates or handcream.

flamesparrow Fri 12-Aug-05 09:40:24

Might sound odd, but one place I was at was given a nice set of mugs - it was something that all the staff could use and was really appreciated.

Hulababy Fri 12-Aug-05 09:41:24

WWhen Dd left her nursery DD mde the staff a card, and a smnall box of roses or similar for them to share at coffee time.

The main present was for the nursery children. The outdoor toys at ELc were on special offer at 3 for 2. So I spent £20 on things like that - balls, bean bags, egg & spoon, sacks, bats and balls, skipping rope, etc. Because of the offer we ended up with a really big present, which was really appreciated. We did actually take it in a week or two before she left as the weather got really nice and I didn't want them to miss hteir opportunity to use it.

FairyMum Fri 12-Aug-05 09:41:47

I think they get chocolates so it's coming out of their ears to be honest, although I have often given boxes of chocolates and it's a nice gift. I have also given candles, coffee from whittards, little decorative things from The Pier and wine.

purpleturtle Fri 12-Aug-05 09:43:04

Dd finished pre-school at the end of term, because we are moving, but there were a lot of children leavning to start school too. One of the mums organised a collection of £2 per head, and then bought a huge garden planter and painted it. She got each child to sign their name in permanent marker on it, then varnished it. We presented it to nursery for their garden. I thought that was a fantastic present. Obviously, as a suggestion it's no good to you this morning!

I put £20 in the card we gave the staff, and told them to put it in the kitty when they went out for an end of term drink, or to buy toys/books with it for the nursery.

MrsDoolittle Fri 12-Aug-05 09:55:07

Thanks Ladies, I like the mugs idea but I know that dd's nursery nurse uses her own HUGE mug. She says she loves tea.
Dd has only been at the nursery a year, I think anything too much would be OTT.
Dh says they don't need anything they've had enough money from us already!! He's a misery guts
(They charged us for 3 weesk of August. I gave them notice 6 weeks ago!)

MascaraOHara Fri 12-Aug-05 09:58:18

Sorry i'm with your dh on this one. I will probably get them a couple of boxes of chocs or biscuits when dd leaves and she would have been there 4 years!

Chuffed Fri 12-Aug-05 12:14:49

MrsD we're in a similar scenario, dd finishes next week but after only a year and as a private and very expensive nursery feel a bit funny buying something for the nursery as such. I think I'm going to do box of choccy's or something they can all share.

MrsDoolittle Fri 12-Aug-05 15:31:47

Back now. I bought some M&S hand creams and to economise wrapped them in tissue paper from monsoon (in the cupboard forma previously bought skirt) and a previously used present box! How good is that?

MrsDoolittle Fri 12-Aug-05 15:38:40

I am going to pick her up now and I suspect there will be tears

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