Childcare in Earlswood or Redhill, Surrey

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proteins Tue 25-May-10 15:26:47


I wonder if anyone here would be kind enough to share their experience regarding the Asquith Royal Earlswood Nursery please?

Alternatively, any recommendations about childcare in the Earlswood/Redhill area would be great.

The option I am currently entertaining would be to bring my child to a nursery near my work place, but that would involve a 90 minute commute to London with a baby at rush hours 5 days a week.

My child would hopefully be at least 6 months old when I go back to work.

Any advice would be gratefully received!

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presence Thu 27-May-10 21:11:22


I have lots of friends who use or have used Asquith. They are a chain nursery and appear quite good. They close at 6pm.

I chose Tiddlywinks for my son as it had longer hours and that helped with a long working day and commute.

They are the two main ones near the stations.

I would suggest visit them and see what you think,also if you go at the end of the day most parents will let you know what they think.

It took me well over 1 year to completely trust the nurserys' word and overall it takes alot of time to settle in so be patient!

All the best.

proteins Fri 28-May-10 09:58:01

Hello presence,

Thank you for taking the time to answer. It's a good idea to visit, I think I'll attend an Open Day to see what they're like. They seem to have mixed reviews here on Mumsnet, but I suppose there will be good and bad experiences.

Thanks also for telling me about Tiddlywinks, I was not aware of a second place near to the station!

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Enthusia Wed 23-Jun-10 06:41:59

Hi Proteins

Are you still looking for childcare?

I am an Ofsted graded 'Outstanding' childminder five minute from Earlswood train station, on the edge of the golf course.

My son is off to school this year and so I have a place available for an under 5.

Please feel free to contact me via mumsnet.


MKC28 Tue 27-Jan-15 01:24:13

Looking for a nanny for my 28 months old daughter, who can take her to nursery in the morning at 7.30am and pick her up in the evening at 6pm and then stay with her until I come home. I generally come home by 7.30pm. A non-smoker would be preferred.

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