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Nurseries in Southwark - Magic Roundabout Nursery Kennington

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anisah86 Fri 12-Jan-18 19:10:25

I suffered sexual harrassment from the owner in the interview and told i was a lucky one. I called the police. Magic roundabout nurseries need to be closed. Not a safe place.

NickNackNooToYou Fri 22-Aug-14 17:51:23

This thread began in 2010 hmm

andrea1230 Fri 22-Aug-14 17:43:18

To Saynab16!

You must be a very frustrated young lady who has got nothing better to do.
I am sorry to say that but I beg to differ!! I am a single working parent who adores her daughter. Before I chose this particular nursery I made a thorough research. I visited few nurseries around SW4 and I decided to chose Magic Roundabout Nursery- Stockwell. Before making the decision I spent some time there and got to know the team. Of course no one is perfect but their passion for children and caring approach did it for me. Speaking of the food, I have met the cook in person during the barbecue they had in the garden- lovely lady, I even joined my daughter for her tea and believe me it was enough!!
With the hand on my heart I am recommending this nursery to all working parents.

andrea1230 Fri 22-Aug-14 17:28:09

My daughter has been attending this nursery for the past year, and to be honest at the beginning I was very sceptical however it is the best decision I have made. Since she started I have seen tremendous improvement within the nursery. They have got a lot of space, the rooms are airy and bright, the staff is extremely helpful and what is more important my daughter is very happy and making a steady progress. There is a lot more going on and I am so happy to be joining parent fitness classes!!! I would definitely recommend this nursery as it is great and affordable for working parents.

Mumstar1 Thu 05-Jun-14 12:57:43

My 10 month old daughter is currently at Magic Roundabout Nursery Stockwell and she has settled in very quickly and loves it there. The staff are very welcoming and friendly. I love the open space and floor to ceiling windows which allows natural light in. The Nursery is introducing a new baby sensory area and music/dance area which I know my daughter will enjoy.

Saynab16 Fri 07-Feb-14 17:23:05


Saynab16 Fri 07-Feb-14 17:20:41

i used to work at the stockwell branch and it is very poorly run
staff are forever coming and leaving because they come thinking its good and end up leaving because of how its run.
those of you parents who think your children are get a evening snack at 5pm its a lie! its just added on the childrens daily routine, so please dont pick you children up at 7pm before they close because the last time they would have eaten is 3.30 then you will be wondering why they eating so much when they get home.
the ratio is very poor which means the childrens needs aint met,
for example, nappy changes get done very late actives sometimes dont even get done simply just because there isnt enough staff in the rooms.
im not sure why ofsted keep giving this nursery chances to fix up because ive been there over a year and thank god finally left because i see no improvement what so ever.
when you meet the manger shes all happy and smiling but all shes thinking about is taking your monthly money. they happily accept children when they know they dont have enough staff to monitor and keep eye on them.

good luck to you if you decide to choose this nursery.

jussi Tue 30-Nov-10 20:12:29

MissyETeach-please give examples of 'at the expense of child safety and education'.
Was this at the Kennington or Stockwell branch?

Pancakesortea-could you expand on'had a terrible reputation'.

On the flipside my children have attended the Stockwell branch over the last few years and although everything may not always be perfect I have never felt my children were in any danger or lacking in attention/activities,etc.

One reason for there not being a waiting list is due to the fact there is room for over 100 children.

Although the nursery may hold over 100 children, individual rooms have no more than any other nursery.
Due to their size as well, they have a gym with soft play equipment, a library and an outside area.

Although it may not be first choice among some of the'yummy mummies', it's worth making your own judgement by visiting for yourself.

MissyETeach Mon 29-Nov-10 23:45:19

As a former teacher at this nursery, I can say that it was very poorly run on the staff side. Staff worked from 7 AM to 7 PM on minimum wage. We were refused sick pay, paid in cash, and occasionally our wages were witheld.

Parents were charged quite a high rate for care, but in my experience the nursery never provided any sort of value for money. Magic Roundabout was largely concerned with cutting corners and turning profit at the expense of child safety and education.

I would not recommend this school to any parent looking for a positive environment for their child, and was very happy to leave.

pancakesfortea Tue 29-Jun-10 21:07:08

I don't know about Kennington but I know that the Magic Roundabout in Stockwell had a terrible reputation.

We have had good experiences at the Pelican in Kennington (only from 2 yrs tho) and Union Grove in Stockwell, which takes babies thro to school age.

bombusbee Thu 20-May-10 23:22:15

Thanks 21stcentrurymummy - Interested to see this as I am looking for a nursery place in this area at the mo. (we're on waiting lists for the 2 other nurseries you mention but currently not looking like they'll have places in time!).
Do you have any knowledge/experience of the Elephant & Castle Day Nursery on Hampton St?

21stcenturymummy Sun 16-May-10 09:17:44

I would not recommend this nursery to any parent. We had a very bad experience with this nursery, particularly the manager, and withdrew our baby son after only two months. I also know other parents who have withdrawn their children and made complaints as well. This nursery were one of the only nurseries in Southwark that had places available when we asked (and no long waiting list) and now we know why.

There have been several complaints made about this nursery to Ofsted in 2009 and 2010. To read these complaints click here: scroll down for the complaints. Much better nurseries in that area are the Aylesbury Early Years Centre and 1st Place Nursery. Both got long waiting lists though so put your name down early!

Also, aside from the serious management issues, most of the staff there speak spanish as their first language. That's fine if your first language is spanish but at times we found it very difficult to communicate with staff (especially the manager) if your first language is english. I'm all for learning other languages but I think it's also very important to be able to communicate well with parents who don't speak spanish!

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