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Sunnyfield Nursery, Orpington...Anyone??

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Mimie2403 Tue 02-Aug-05 10:28:25

We'll be moving to Orpington, BR6 soon and on my way to the station there is a nursery called Sunnyfield (on Knoll Rise). I believe they also have a branch in Bromley. I'm thinking of placing my 15 month old daughter here but am unable to find any reports on this nursery as they have only been acredited in Dec 04. I spoke to Ofsted and they advised it takes 7-12 months before a nursery has its first evaluation... Does anyone have any experience with this nursery or have you heard anything about it???

PoopyNappy Sun 14-Aug-05 22:07:28

Sorry don't know that one I think it only recently opend and is quite expensive in comparison to others locally.

we use Cannock House in Chelsfield which is close to Orpington. Would defo recommend.

Good Luck!

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