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What kind of discount do you get for siblings?

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Oliviab Sat 30-Jul-05 16:02:05

I've got 2 under 3s and am assuming it's going to cost about £5ph to put them both in a nursery.
Haven't actually got quotes yet but does that sound about right? I'm trying to decide whether it's worth me doing some part time work but I can't see myself earning more than £6-7ph - how do people do it?

HappyMelP Sat 30-Jul-05 17:20:19

Our nursery offers a 10% discount for the second and other siblings attending at the same time. Not sure if others do. Price varies hugely around the country. Our nursery is 29.50 for a full day

tiredemma Sat 30-Jul-05 17:24:56

our nursery is normally £26 per child day, a monthly bill should be £1040 but i get adiscount and pay £900 amonth.

Carla Sat 30-Jul-05 17:29:58

10% for me when dds were at nursery together. What does it say in their contract/bumph? Is that £5 ph each or together? If it's together, sounds v. cheap. Have you asked how much per 1/2 day/day/week for one, and how much more if you have two?

Can't remember how much ours was - it was bloomin' expensive - but I can look it up if it helps.

Oliviab Sun 31-Jul-05 10:40:30

Well that's made up my mind then thanks! How on earth can anybody work with 2 kids below free playschool age?

Toothache Sun 31-Jul-05 11:04:21

OliviaB - My ds is 4 and dd is 1. When I went back to work after dd I was earning £11.50 per hour. That was about £83 before tax. Taking off tax and NI took me to about £65 per day, less travelling expenses of £13.... £52. Childcare was costing me £25 per day for dd at a childminder and £27 per day for Ds at a Nursery. So that meant I was working for £0!!!! I worked 4 days per week and they were only in childcare 2 days per week. Depressing though isn't it!!!

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