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Help - i know nothing about nurseries

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fee77 Wed 27-Jul-05 14:48:34

Possibly starting work in September, only one day a week and dd (will be 23mths) will go to nursery. I know absolutely nothing about nurseries and wondered if you could answer a few questions!
What time do they usually open?
What do i have to provide? Drinks, snacks, clothes?
Do they have set nap times? DD sleeps with favourite toy, can she take this?
I am sure i had more questions, but am getting all dithery! Thanks!

Blackduck Wed 27-Jul-05 14:50:32

Time - depends.
Providing dinks etc. - depends (ds have to provide lunch, but not snacks and change of clothes, nappies, sunlotion etc.)
Set nap times - depends

You really need to go and see an ask all these questions!

Marina Wed 27-Jul-05 14:54:45

fee77, all this does vary with the nursery.

But generally:

8am-6pm, for 51 weeks a year. Most close between Christmas and the New Year. Some are starting to provide longer hours to cater for (eg) NHS staff working 12 hour shifts.

For a two year old, all food and drink is usually provided (babies' parents are expected to provide their milk as a rule).

If dd is not potty-trained then wipes, nappy cream if needed, and nappies will need to be supplied (some nurseries supply nappies and some are happy to work with reusables).

You will normally need to supply a sun hat, sun cream and a couple of labelled changes of clothes.

Favourite toys are usually encouraged but should be clearly labelled.

Our nursery introduces "set" nap times for the over twos, but currently dd naps around the same time in the afternoon...decided by her not nursery routine IYSWIM.

The best way you can see which nursery is right for you is to arrange to visit some local ones. Approaches vary a lot.

One thing I would say is that some nurseries may advise that one day a week only may mean your dd takes longer to settle to their routine. I know chatting to dd's nursery nurses that they find children doing two days plus adjust quicker to the new environment. But this does depend a lot on the child and the settling-in process IMO.

HTH and good luck

PiccadillyCircus Wed 27-Jul-05 14:55:22

DS's nursery is open from 8am to 6pm, but will take them from 7:30 (you pay an extra £3). If you are later than 6pm then they are all right about it as long as it doesn't happen very often. Another local nursery charges you extra if you pick up later than 6pm.

DS wears his own clothes and we also provide a spare set. They provide all food, drinks and nappies.

DS (20 months) has been having set nap times since he was about 16 months (started at nursery at 9 months) but sometimes he hasn't slept at the "official" time so he sleeps later.

I do know that some nurseries will have a minimum amount of sessions for your child to attend. DS's one likes children to go to at least 2 sessions a week (ie 1 day or two half days) but other ones might prefer more.

DS loves going to nursery - hope all works out for you and your DD.

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