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Any reviews on My Nursery E14 ?

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ebru Mon 12-Apr-10 17:30:16


I will be greatful for any advice or review of My Nursery in Virgina Quays. My daugter is 16 months old and I am considering getting her started to a nursery part time starting with a couple of afternoons maybe. But can`t really find a nursery in the area.

I know My Nursery is a Montessori one. But not sure if it makes a big change at this age group.

Look forward to hearing your experiences.

Thanks a lot!

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happymum228 Fri 15-Apr-11 11:29:24

Hi there,  I started my daughter @ nursery about a month ago and it's been quite traumatic.  To keep it brief my review and experience below so that hopefully others don't have to go through the same:

Seen and called the following:

My nursery: 1) they are not a true a true Montessori (see  2) not the friendliest and cleverest people answering the phone.  3) during the viewing everyone seemed artificially and overly nice, to a degree that even the cleaners and cooks would make comment on how cute my baby was.  Felt like a car showroom!  My instinct was to reject this one based on gut feeling.  I was glad that i did as not long after i heard from various baby group moms that babies are left in bouncer chairs all day and even though they claim food is freshly prepared, it isn't unless you consider canned tomato soup as fresh.

Busybees excel (aka leapfrog): after viewing this nursery I decided to start my daughter here.  BAD mistake!  I should have followed my gut instinct again, but was really running out of nursery option and time, so thought perhaps it's just a typical mom anxiety to not feel right. List of problem i had: 1) My daughter was given cheese although she has know allergies and a million forms were completed to avoid this.  Ended up with a daughter who had a severe skin rash all over her body and needing antihistamine. 2) having complained to the nursery manager (who seems more like a sales person) she advised that it takes time to investigate.  About a month on, no response or conclusion!  We have left this nursery now, but will speak to ofsted again as the following point happened post raising my complaint 3) caught one of the carers shouting at my 11 month old to lie down (military style!!), even though she had crawled away from her allocated mattress on the floor... And is on her knees crying and wants to be picked up. Cruel? Heartless? Disgusting behaviour i think -considering that she was only 11 months and wouldnt even get the concept of staying on her mattress, let alone lie there and fall asleep w/o anyone when she is used to being with me since birth. 4) no shoe policy!! They wear street shoes in all the nursery rooms. So on a rainy day if you have a baby that's not walking yet, he/she will crawl on wet dirty carpet (if unlucky dog faeces!!) 5) baby diary log book: some carers have terrible terrible spelling and verbal english.  6) understaffed at times!!!  7) one good point was the outdoor play area and a selected few carers and the business manager being very nice and great at what they do.  But overall: I would not recommend this place to anyone as it's currently run.  Very chaotic!!

Crossharbour  Montessori: what a bunch of unethical cowboys! Called for weeks to get an appointment to view the place. After gazillion calls I get an appointment, do the walk through (seemed ok as all new but very loud as its one huge room divided by baby gates),fill in the forms and getting ready to pay deposit (as at this point I had gone back to work and really desperate to have a place for my daughter) I am told by one of the business managers that there is no place actually even though there was when I spoke to him on the phone the day before AND whilst he was walking us through the premises.  Why?! Basically I ask questions on their allergy policy, which may have been a bit too much for them to handle.  Why take on a child that requires special attention when they can take a 'non problem' child right?!?  As they say they are inundate with parents wanting to enrol their child.  Of course he denied this being the reason, but c'mon I am not stupid! Disgusting I think, what are they like with children w minor or major disabilities!?  ps: they also are no montessori  either see why here :

Little unicorn: love love love the place!!  They have been great with my daughter unlike at busy bees, she literally leaps into the arms of the key workers when I drop her off.  Why they are great? 1) children are TRULY kept occupied and engaged (singing, painting etc) 2) they may not have an outdoor play areas but they take them out for walks 3) all staff are qualified and most seem genuinely to enjoy the company of children and want to be there 4) NO outdoor shoes throughout the premises. 5) there is always a very fun and playful and yet calm environment there.  My daughter is one happy baby now!!! I am soo glad I don't have to worry anymore.

The above is based of course on my personal experience, but my experience has been so unpleasant I wanted to share with others my thoughts.  Hope this helps, but by all means form your own opinion.

Good luck, xx

ThisFeelsWeird Sun 17-Apr-11 00:17:09

No personal experience of nurseries but I do have 2 friends who have been sending their DDs to My Nursery for a few months now and seem very happy with it - in both cases settling in was thoroughly traumatic but this seems to be par for the course, poor babies sad Also, one of these babies in particular has been so sick almost every week since she started that you do wonder about hygiene, how the babies are spreading germs so freely to one another. I know it's hard to stop little ones from touching each other but perhaps they are too lenient about poorly babies being allowed to stay, I don't know.

On Little Unicorns, I have another friend sending her DD there and she is also really satisfied with it. However, my reservation about Unicorns would be the staff I see on a daily basis dragging the babies around on leads and in those enormous buggies for about six. They are never interacting with the children, always look bored and surly and more interested in their conversations with each other. I'm really sorry to say it but it breaks my heart when I see them. People in Canary Wharf call it "the chain gang" when they see them going by. At least the nurseries that have outside space can offer a bit more stimulation in terms of exercise and freedom to roam safely.

Good luck - nurseries are so pot luck. If it were me, I'd go down the nanny/CM route.

Skimummy Sun 17-Apr-11 10:30:11

I am also very positive about Little Unicorn. I understand what ThisFeelsWeird is saying about the outdoor walks but I think there are important safety issues involved with having wrist straps - I have a hard time controlling one walking toddler sometimes let alone 3 or 4 (per key worker)! That said, their walks usually have a destination where the wrist straps are removed and the kids have some proper outdoor play. Some days they also do outdoor play in an enclosed area in the courtyard so it's not all chain gang!

Yes, some of the workers can be surly at times and I have definitely liked some of my DD's keyworkers more than others. However, overall they are great and my DD refers to them as her friends, which I think is lovely. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the nursery to anyone.

MotherOfHobbit Sat 27-Aug-11 12:41:03

This thread has been out there for a bit but I thought I'd put my comments on because I saw it when I was looking for a nursery and there don't seem to be too many reviews of My Nursery.

DS (14mo) has started at MyNursery in Virginia Quays and so far is doing very well. He settled in remarkably quickly and is really enjoying it. They do quite a bit of messy play which he loves and he's usually tired but happy when I collect him (he's in full time). They're good about keeping me updated about what he was up to during the day and making sure I'm happy about activities and what our, and his, preferences are with regards meals and milk etc.

There are only two possible negatives I've seen and these woulod depend on your point of view.

One is that he hasn't always had his key worker and a few times I've gone in and found someone else was looking after him for the day because his key worker was needed elsewhere. I'm not really too bothered about this. Everyone there has struck me as professional and friendly, and they look like they all work well together in his class. It also doesn't seem to bother DS in the slightest.

The other thing that seems to have been raised as an issue but I'm quite happy about is the quality of the food.
I see someone above commented that they have tinned soup and not fresh, and I overheard another mother complaining that she wasn't happy that they were given 'chips' although these were tortilla chips as part of a nachos type meal rather than potato chips.
Although they seem to cater to toddler friendly meals - pasta, baked potatoes etc - the menu is fairly varied.
I'm not that concerned that DS is having tinned soup occasionally - he has fruit twice a day as a snack and each meal includes some veggies. It's not all carrot sticks and quinoa but I think the meals are a good balance of healthy and child friendly.

He hasn't been there very long so it's possible issues might arise in the future but so far it appears to be a good environment in which DS is very happy and I'd be happy to recommend.

RedHelenB Wed 31-Aug-11 09:50:14

Go & see for your self. Having read these reviews, things that bother some people ( never occurred to me to fret about outdoor shoes!!) might not bother you & vice versa. And try to pop in at an unplanned time as well to see all is operating as it should be.

fabu Sun 27-Nov-11 23:26:20

Dear Moms, I am looking for a nursery for my 17 month old son. Any reviews re Crossharbour Montesorri and Little unicorn Columbus courtyard.. i am so anxious re starting him as he is a bit older now and much aware of what's going i want to start him where he can adjust. he has been looked after nanny till now.

Jemima10 Fri 09-Aug-13 09:47:54


I am sorry but I would have to disagree with your review of crossharbour Montessori. My experience with the nursery is nothing short of exemplary, I have had a 2 children with the nursery and not a single issue in the 3 years with the nursery. Although I agree they may have also mislead me on availability of space with my first child, I ensured my second was on the waiting list prior to birth.
I would dispute the veracity of your accusation that they are not a Montessori accredited nursery, as you used an inaccurate and out of date website.
This website proves that the nursery do carry out accredited Montessori practice.

natalie1606 Tue 01-Oct-13 12:46:02

really horrible nursery dont take ur children there ,staff from the rooms shout at the kids ,dont help them eat its just a bad place i dont know how its still open

natalie1606 Tue 01-Oct-13 12:46:58

mynursery e14 i mean the others i dont know

Constancekmcl2 Wed 02-Oct-13 09:27:42

Really? I went there for a view on Monday ( 30th September 2013 ) ... seems the kids interact so well with the teachers ... which made me feel ... it's okay for kids ... So ... what's your experience there? How about Barkantine Community Nursery ... have you been there ..? Is it nice ?

Rajswapna Wed 19-Nov-14 15:42:45

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Mumandhercherub Thu 20-Nov-14 22:27:15

My child has attended my nursery and I have no complaints. The meals are wonderful and the current chef is so passionate about what she does, taking the time to help serve meals to children and ensuring dietary requirements are met, the food all looks very fresh and my child eats better at nursery than at home! The staff all seem lovely and nothing about them comes across as artificial. They have an outdoor space which is so rare and my child loves the walks by the river. I would highly recommend any of the my nursery sites!

sobia212 Fri 21-Nov-14 12:48:02

I have been working in nurseries for the past 5 years and feel to give you guys some feedback. I am currently studying my final year for a BA hons Degree. Working at different nurseries, I experienced many pro's and cons of day to day practice with in nursery settings. I came across My Nursery LLP and have been working here for approx 8 months. I finally feel that I am in the right place, a setting which shows high standard of care for children. All the staff communicate with parents on a day to day basic and show affection and dedication in children's care and progress. In regards to food, the cooks put a lot of effort in preparing fresh meal for all. Some parent's and children find it difficult to settle as everyone is different. I would recommend all parents to view My Nursery and experience a first hand experience of their day to day practice. Ask as many questions as you like to reassure your inner self.

Hope you guys find this information useful.

jasmen1989 Fri 21-Nov-14 14:13:27

I have been working at My Nursery for quite some time now and from previous experiences My Nursery is by far the best working experience I have had. The proprietors are very dedicated and down to earth people and treat the nursery as their own home and nourish the staff and children with great care. The nurseries are all nice and big and perfect for children. Children enjoy their time spent at the nursery and the staff here are great and fantastic at what they do. The day is very structured and well planned which is one of the things I love about My Nursery. The children go out for walks and have the big outdoor space to explore. Children are always motivated and fully engaged. I am loving my experience at My Nursery and would highly recommend parents to come and visit and see for themselves how lovely all the nurseries are.

motherofdragons99 Mon 04-Jul-16 08:13:05

I seem to see these reviews are very outdated. I would like to offer my review as of when my LO has been in this nursery (Oct 2015 - July 2016)

The layout of the nursery seems good at first sight but it doesn't work for the kids and staff. The kid to staff ratio isn't always adhered to especially in the morning and evenings. I have seen kids not being watched, because one staff thinks another staff is closer but in the end no one is paying attention. Things go missing (children will be children) but what excuse do the carers have.

The management is shocking... the owners are not friendly to staff and it's touch and go with the parents. I didn't have a great rapport with them.

Improvements are coming in but staff are constantly leaving and changing, so this is not a good sign.

A lot of parents have left mainly due to lack of staff confidence. I have left for this reason as well. As for being a Montessori, this is compromised by the quality of the staff.

user1473177779 Tue 13-Sep-16 14:43:06

Any Reviews on Montessori Crossharbour Nursery E14 please?Thank you in advance!

motherofdragons99 Tue 13-Sep-16 20:07:13

I can tell you that not just me but many people have had bad experiences with Crossharbour nursery. I'm one of them and I moved to a better one in E14.

The staff turnover is very high, a lot of parents complained that there child had 1 key person after the next. Mainly because they are unhappy and management treat them badly. On first sight it seems like a good environment (hence why I stayed 10 moths from sept 2015- June2016) and thought my child was happy.

The staff lied to me on May occasions and when I spoke to management they told me off for being to assertive and intimidating the staff by asking how my daughter was doing. I can list all the things that make it a bad place but it still makes me upset. My daughter is happier now and so are we.

Good luck with your search and hope this helped.

user1473177779 Mon 03-Oct-16 15:42:17

Thank you very muck for your review motherofdragons9. My baby started last week and it was quite difficult for her... We are looking for another nursery around this area.
Any suggestion please?

Overtaxed Mon 17-Oct-16 13:13:18

User1473177779, have you just started at Crossharbour and are moving already?
It seemed very organised when I viewed it, was impressed and going to start there. What age is your child? Why leaving? I'm worried now.

ek504 Sat 29-Oct-16 09:56:41

Could you please explain what the issues with Crossharbour Montessori are? I thought also this was a nice nursery offering many activities for children and this was one of the main reasons I liked it. Could you please provide more details of the issues?

Overtaxed Mon 14-Nov-16 10:54:40

Would be really grateful if someone could expand on the issues with Crossharbour.

LateNight Fri 13-Oct-17 22:53:53

Overtaxed & ek504, have you started at Crossharbour yet? What are your impressions so far?

motherofdragons99, can you please share the name of the nursery that you chose in the end? You said your daughter was happier there, so that sounds promising.


Jackk2017 Wed 29-Nov-17 13:19:13

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Hurleaa Thu 14-Mar-19 20:32:05

I’m also looking at Crossharbour and thought it looked good. Can you let me know your experiences and ultimate nurseries

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