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insurance issues for nursery...

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oatcake Sun 24-Jul-05 12:32:43

I ranted a few months ago about ds's nursery which is based in the scout hut and I wasn't too happy to find that the scouts used it once a week, during the time that I paid for the facility to be a nursery...

Anyhow, dh took a call from the manager yesterday to say that the scout hut would no longer be used and for the next few days, ds should be taken to the nursery owner's house prior to getting taken to one of the children's parent's homes - she is currently training to be a childminder for the nursery but as far as I know, will not have any insurance to have these kids at her home!

I pay £720 a month for a nursery facility (ie. fully insured and ofsteded with qualified staff) and over the last 6 months I feel as though I'm not getting what I've paid for.

Incidentally, we were asked on a friday night last month, to keep him off for a few days the following week as they had an infestation of mice at the scout hut... I could only oblige with taking him out for one day and only because I wasn't at college!

The facility where children are should definitely be insured shouldn't it????

hunkermunker Sun 24-Jul-05 12:33:57

Doesn't sound like a nursery at all to me! Houses of owner and parents used (albeit one "training" to be a childminder)?!

oatcake Sun 24-Jul-05 12:41:24

currently looking for a nanny now as, having chatted to another parent, we were both interested in getting a nanny when the kids start nursery school for 3 hours a day in september.

any nannies interested for the walton on thames area???!

oh, the joys and trials and tribulations of motherhood!

hunkermunker Sun 24-Jul-05 12:43:15

Would one of Bubble99's nurseries be near enough? There's one at Hampton, I think.

oatcake Sun 24-Jul-05 13:18:07

hampton's near and dh works there, however, ds starts nursery school at the top of our road and the nursery he's at now has agreed to take him and fetch him back from his school nursery.

all very convenient... if it works out...

my brain's hurting....

JulieF Fri 29-Jul-05 23:08:46

Sounds very iffy to me. They need public and employer liability insurance, and it is illegal for a non registered childminder to have children at their homes for payment.

There is a nice Montessori nursery in Walton at The Courthouse but I don't know the age ranges and whether they do school pick ups.

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