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how much do you pay for nursery?

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juicychops Wed 13-Jul-05 16:40:08

how much do you pay for nursery?

bossykate Wed 13-Jul-05 16:41:35

£50 per day - dd 11m. £42 per day - ds 4. this is sw london.

juicychops Wed 13-Jul-05 16:42:31

my ds is 6 months. whats the average i should be expecting?

desperatehousewife Wed 13-Jul-05 16:42:47

£30 a day

bossykate Wed 13-Jul-05 16:43:35

where are you, juicychops? i would say what i pay is about average for my area.

juicychops Wed 13-Jul-05 16:59:04

i live in Dartford in kent. i went to a nursery this morning which im thinking of sending ds to and it is £34 a day

mommie Wed 13-Jul-05 20:33:53

i pay 66.00 a day, central London, for dd (nine months). about to swop to a local nursery that charges 77 a day (wimbledon). They were the only places that were near where i work or live and stayed open til 6.30pm. It's crippling financially.

gigglinggoblin Wed 13-Jul-05 20:35:51

uni creche is is quite cheap i think - £24 per day for non students, we are in north west. yours doesnt sound too awful

tiredemma Wed 13-Jul-05 20:42:10

My boys go to nursery 5 days a week, in birmingham. Its a very good nursery, part of a "chain" comprising of 6 nurseries owned by the same woman dotted around north birmingham.

my nursery bill for each month is £867 ( approx £26 per child per day)
although every three months i get a cheap month as ds1 gets the nursery grant.

cant wait till september when he starts school and i can start spending frivilously again and buy new clothes instead of traipsing around in these rags!

helsy Wed 13-Jul-05 20:43:05

£25 a day in a rural area with not much competition.

Hulababy Wed 13-Jul-05 20:44:17

Ours is really good value, and (for no reason I can find) much cheaper than others locally. We pay £26.50 a day for DD (3y 3m), and that includes a hot 2 course meal at lunch time, and a snack type tea at 3ish. Plus fruit, milk and juice throughout the day.

As of September we will get the nursery vouchers too

jessicaandbumpsmummy Wed 13-Jul-05 20:45:46

£37.80 a day in Suffolk.

She doesnt go anymore but that was the Under ones prices. 8am-6pm including hot lunch and cold tea.

juicychops Wed 13-Jul-05 20:56:29

so is £34 per day good then for a 6month old? it includes meals, milk and nappies

JoPG Wed 13-Jul-05 21:03:41

Hi juicy Chops!
Which nursery is it that you are looking at in Dartford?
My son was at Kids Inc near Stone Crossing.
Have heard that Springlodge on Powder Mill Lane is very good, tho have not looked at it myself.
Good Luck with your decision, it's a tough call to make.

hercules Wed 13-Jul-05 21:04:49

sounds about right to me.

juicychops Wed 13-Jul-05 21:06:52

its called primary steps in the Next Generation sports centre just up the road from the springfield one or springlodge whatever its called. Im looking at one tomorrow at bluewater but have a feeling that it will be very expensive. I was just gunna use this one as its just up the road from where i live, i think its ok price, and it looked really nice, and there is no waiting list for the baby room

Toothache Wed 13-Jul-05 21:08:17

£30 per day for dd (11mths)

£27.50 per day for ds (4yrs)... but get money off ds as he gets his 12.5 hrs a week pre-school free.

edam Wed 13-Jul-05 21:09:54

In London, ds was down for a nursery that would have charged me £1k/month for full time baby room. Moved just outside but it still cost approx £900/month. That dropped to £854/month when ds moved to the toddler room. Now I've gone part-time it's been taken down pro-rata.

juicychops Wed 13-Jul-05 21:11:28

blimey, edam!!

JoPG Wed 13-Jul-05 21:21:56

We are members at Next Gen and have used Primary Steps as a creche for our little boy in the past. It seems ok, but can't really say anymore than that cos I don't know it very well.
Be careful of choosing the one at Bluewater, imagine that Bluewater traffic at pick up / drop off time around Xmas time. You'll add hours to your day! Having said that, I know somebody who goes there and from memory the price is around the same as you have been quoted for Primary Steps. In fact, until recently both nurseries used to be run by the same company (The Academy) though that has all changed now.
DS1 off to school in September, so he is all sorted for that. Have just to go through the whole nursery thing again for my DD.

juicychops Wed 13-Jul-05 22:11:37

i dont drive, i have to get buses which are ok around xmas cos there are bus lanes everywhere. Plus if ds went to the bluewater nursery and i got a job at bluewater, i'd get 10% discount on the fees

oooggs Wed 13-Jul-05 22:19:29

£6.52 half day (breakfast, snack & lunch)& £13.08 full day (+ extra pm snack)

I didn't realise how heavily subsidised it must be

KristinaM Wed 13-Jul-05 22:24:08

£33 a day for under 2s. Includes milk ( as in cup of cows milk with meals for over 1s) and meals but not nappies or bottles. Sounds the same as you.

mandymoo Sun 17-Jul-05 21:19:16

£22.50 per day which includes breakfast, lunch and tea - dd only goes one day a week. We're in Cornwall.

imation Thu 21-Jul-05 16:20:35

18.50 for 4 hours - a morning session - includes a snack and some lunch - brighton

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