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Recommendations in loughton, essex?

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YokoRose Wed 17-Feb-10 13:25:21


My son will be one in August and Im desperately looking for a childminder/nursery for him in Loughton Essex, or Buckhurst Hill. So far, we're on a waiting list at Teddies, Kids Inc and New Beginnings - and the rest are too expensive.

Can anyone recommend a childminder in the area who is registered?


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rubyslippers Thu 18-Feb-10 13:16:04

My DS is at Kids Inc and i know people with Kids at Teddies

WRT childminders, you can get an approved list from Epping Forest Council

you can also look on Gumtree

london0hull4 Fri 19-Feb-10 12:19:08

My DS goes to Eton Manor in Chigwell 2 days a week (2 mins from Buckhurst Hill). He has been there since he was 7 months and is now 2.5. The staff are fantastic and I am more than happy with it. Definitely worth a look round.

Nursery2012 Tue 17-Apr-12 22:43:41

Dear Mums,

There is a new nursery opening in Church Hill, Loughton (opposite Zizzis) called Chrysalis for anyone still in need of a nursery place - opening in August. Website has lots of information - it's just what Loughton needs! I'll be going to the open day to see what it's like.

kellybrooks71 Mon 12-Feb-18 16:01:42

Hi,My 9 year old attends Alderton Juniors, he currently goes to Barely Barns breakfast and after school club. Sadly they are closing, I am looking for childcare from the 16th April to drop off and collect, if anyone knows of any childminders i would really appreciate you passing my message on.
Kind regards

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