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Is this out of order?

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sunnydelight Mon 11-Jul-05 13:42:08

Hi. I'd appreciate any opinions on this one! DD (2) started at a local nursery two weeks ago for one day a week (though she only went half a day the first week). I'm going back to university to do an MA next year and I've just heard from the nursery there that they have a place for her two days a week from September. DS2 (now 6) went there for three years and it is absolutely fantastic - lovely place with lots of space and the most wonderful staff you could imagine. Anyway, when I signed the contract for her current nursery there was nothing about a notice period which surprised me. We're going on holiday next week for nearly three weeks so should I (a) tell the nursery on Thursday when she goes - I really need her to go this week so I can finish the last piece of freelance work I have - and offer to pay for a month "in lieu of notice" although I wouldn't send her back for just one week when we come back, or (b) explain what has happened and assume, unless challenged, that as she has only been there a few weeks and there was no specified notice period that we just call it quits then (I pay each day when she goes). What would anyone else do?

milward Mon 11-Jul-05 13:44:55

Tell them the prob as you have here - they should understand that 2 days is better than 1 day for you. As no notice period is specified then you should be ok money-wise with dd leaving.

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