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Tax credit and help with nursery fees.....question....

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Tiasmummy Wed 06-Jul-05 07:42:12

Is there a limit to the weekly nursery fees that tax credit will help u with. My friend told me that they will only help you if the nursery is charging up to £197 a week....any higher and u will get no help. Anybody know if this is true??


wobblyknicks Wed 06-Jul-05 07:53:04

They will pay up to 70% of your fees up to a limit of £170 - you can still be paying higher than that if you need but they will only pay 70% of £170 (its higher if you've got more than one kid of course) - so that would be £119. If you were paying £300 a week fees you'd get the £119 but no more than if you were paying £170. So you can still claim, you just have to pay more yourself if its over £170.

Tiasmummy Wed 06-Jul-05 08:08:51

Cheers :-)xx

wobblyknicks Wed 06-Jul-05 08:10:30

No problem, oh and you have to earn under a certain amount to qualify, but IR website can tell you that.

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