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Nurseries in Putney

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mmrmum Thu 07-Jan-10 18:30:18


I am trying to find a nursery in Putney at a "reasonable" price. All I was able to find at the moment is no less than £1300pm. Am I missing something? Does anyone know a nursery for a little bit less than that?


Mumy86 Sat 31-May-14 16:04:39

I would like to totally disagree with the two comments. As a parent of a child who is currently in Poppits I have nothing but praise for the nursery.

My daughter has been at the nursery full time for eleven months now, in which time there has not been one day where management have not been on site.
The nursery has a lovely atmosphere, which you can sense when you first walk in and staff are always lovely and friendly.
A lovely child orientated place, my daughter is extremely happy at the nursery and I feel very confident leaving her there.

BellaIsabella Wed 11-Jun-14 19:52:23

My 3 year old daughter has been at Poppits since she was 10 months old in fact, many of her current classmates were also in the 'baby room' with her. We looked at a few nurseries before we decided on Poppits and I'm certain for various reasons which I will outline here, we made the right choice.

One of Poppits's plus points is its size; a friendly, happy place which is small enough so that everyone knows everyone. I am debriefed thoroughly at the end of every day, usually by my daughter's key person but if she is otherwise engaged, someone else can easily do it and I've been quite happy with that. The children's day is well-structured; activities aplenty with some formal teaching for the pre-schoolers. They also offer extra-curricular activities of which my daughter particularly enjoys ballet. The garden is at the back of the leisure centre (not every London nursery has a garden so to have one at all is a plus) but the children are well-supervised when walking there and they hold on to a specially designed rope. The children therefore learn very early on the importance of staying on the pavement and the danger that a road may pose. There is also access to other rooms within the leisure centre where the children can play with 'big' toys (cars, bike etc.), run around and use the bouncy castle. This is particularly useful on rainy days as the children do not have to remain in one place all day (you may remember ennui of the rainy-play days at school ...). Members of staff are friendly and helpful and my daughter has formed good relationships with them all. They give cuddles, support and instruction whenever needed resulting in a very happy little girl. My daughter is able to speak well and we often chat about how much she has enjoyed her day at nursery, on occasions she is disappointed come Saturday when she realises she can't go. If she wasn't happy there, I don't doubt that she could tell me quite eloquently.

Over the past two years both my daughter an I have enjoyed Poppits's parties, dressing up days and Christmas productions. I like the nursery's atmosphere, the management's flexibility (some nurseries charge if you're late picking up), the activities on offer and principally the way my daughter is treated. I find the nursery clean (so what if they clean during the day- it's probably necessary) and health and safety practices properly adhered to. As a teacher, I feel quite well-qualified to accurately comment on these points.

My husband and I remain happy with our choice, we're glad we found Poppits and will be putting our youngest daughter's name on the list to join in five month's time.

Anu16 Wed 10-Dec-14 15:59:48

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alexandersparr Fri 23-Jan-15 10:36:02

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lilyme Thu 26-May-16 13:26:54

Hi! Does anyone have any updated information on good nurseries in Putney that are not too expensive? Is Asquith better now? Many thanks!

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