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Sceptical about nursery raffle

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BearintheBigBlueHouse Thu 30-Jun-05 09:43:41

Has anyone else been asked to buy raffle tickets at nursery in aid of an organisation called Meningitis Help which purports to provide hospitals with testing equipment for meningitis? I'd never heard of this charity before and the whole thing seemed a bit half-assed, but very specific to nurseries, IYSWIM - the child is sent home with five strips of cloakroom tickets and a printed note in a plastic baggie and the note pressures you into sending the child in the next day with a fiver. The prize is a teddy. A quick Google reveals just two things - nursery websites' reports of similar raffles being held at other nurseries and regurgitating the MH spiel about what the money raised might be buying and the fact that the charity isn't too popular with the Charity Commission - it not having lodged accounts for the past few years. It appears that the nursery raffle is the charity's sole M.O. and that's what I find pressuring - in this arena of course you're going to stick your hand striaght into your pocket as soon as you hear the dreaded M word. We regularly support the (bigger and kosher) Meningitis Research Foundation - as does Mrs Beckham - but are a bit dubious about MH. Am I being overly sceptical (and tight) or has anyone else wondered about this?

edam Thu 30-Jun-05 09:45:59

I'd be very dubious too. If they haven't posted accounts they could well be dodgy. Think money should go to MRF instead.

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