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should i say anything? sorry long

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moonunit Sun 19-Jun-05 23:12:20

My ds, 3.6 yrs started nursery in jan, he had trouble settling in but is quite happy now. There are 2 nursery teachers in his class, last thu mrs x said they were going on a riverbank walk next friday and would i like to go with them, i said yes i would be happy to. Then mrs x went off sick so on the thu, the day before we were due to go, i asked the other teacher mrs y, if it was still going ahead as mrs x was still off sick, she said mrs x would be back tomorrow, but she did'nt think the walk was going ahead because the other teachers had covered for her and all the children had already been, even tho i knew ds had'nt been, she said she would check and let me know when i dropped ds off the next day, i did'nt see anyone when i dropped ds off, so i thought if it's going ahead they will ring me as i only live 2mins away from nursery, i did'nt hear anything so i just picked ds up at the usual time, but as i was leaving i saw mrs x coming back from the riverbank walk with about 6 other children. I was peed off they had'nt told me and my ds had'nt got to go and he was looking forward to it. now i am wondering if mrs y said anything to mrs x that i had asked or if mrs x just thought i had'nt bothered to turn up, which makes me look unreliable, sorry it's so long, should i explain the situation to mrs x or just leave it. but i do feel annoyed that my ds missed out when all the other children had been during the week, 6 at a time.

assumedname Sun 19-Jun-05 23:42:47

Seems a shame your ds missed out on the walk.

Yes, I would have a word with Mrs X, just pointing out the communications breakdown and that you would like to help out on a future trip.

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