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Swapping from expensive nursery to a mix of pre school and family?

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chosenone Tue 27-Oct-09 16:20:20

Just wanted some thoughts on this really! DS attended a private nursery all the way through until school and thought DD would to. Its got more and more expensive rising from £32 for a full day to £ 38 over the past 3 years. Now my SIL has offered to have DD, 2.5 in the mornings from 8am until 9, take her down to the same pre school her little cousins go to and then have her for the two afternoons I work. This seems fab to me and would save us £370 month we could really use elsewhere, as preschhol for under 3's is £5.00 a session. The only problems I could foresee are losing the flexibility to 'book in' to nursery when I need it and having to find other arrangements when SIL is on holiday, maybe once a year or if she's ill. My dad is retired and is around to plug in any gaps although would find regular afternoons a bit much. The pre school will be following the same EYFS curriculum so surely she wouldn't miss out there and the time at SIL would be with close family and often her other grandad.

kcartyparty Tue 27-Oct-09 20:59:56

Having family help is great. Make the most of it!!

During you SIL's hols check out the local papers for nanny shares looking for an extra sprog during school hols.

Do check refs first though, thoroughly

Or you could ask on of the mum's from the school to help you. You could offer to do a favour in return

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