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Nurseries in and around Kennnington SE11

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SofiasMum Mon 26-Oct-09 20:16:12

Please can any mum out there recommend a good caring and secure nursery. I am due to go back to work in April 2010 and I'm so so so worried about leaving my baby in a nursery. but thats reality for a lot of people now so the best thing I can do is find the best most recommended nursery in my area and maybe a little beyond my area. I went to view little starz but found their baby room to be tiny and I was really unhappy about the state of their carpet - not clean. They made me take my shoes off before entering the baby room which I was happy to do so but then i couldnt understand why the floor was so grimey considering they had a no shoe policy. I dont fancy my baby craweling around in dirt. Maybe it was the time of day that I visited and I could be wrong in my judgement. Any suggestions anyone?

charitygirl Mon 26-Oct-09 20:33:22

I've heard that Pelican (next to St Anselm's)is quite good, although not much outside space. Also, ennington Par Children's Centre (I thin at Bishop's House?) run a nursery which I hear is good and is not private, so gets rid of that whole 'profit motive' worry!

Also, don't forget the childminder option if you feel your baby is too young for a nursery. If you contact the Lambeth or Southwa childcare service (via borough websites) they will send you a list of minders with vacancies in your area

Sorry for weird spelling - my eyboard has lost a vital ey - can you guess which one!? Good luc

chandellina Tue 03-Nov-09 11:35:12

Hi, you can do a search on SE11 and nursery and see other posts but roughly here's my experience:

Little Starz = small and mixed reviews from parents. Seems much better (space and activity-wise) for older kids. (2+)

Bishop's House = looks lovely, nice staff and good ratios with the babies. Only take a small number of babies though and it's very difficult to get a 4 or 5 day slot. Any flexibility in your days and hours will help you. They also give priority to Southwark residents, though they are on the Lambeth line. We were on the waiting list for nearly a year before getting a call some days had come up, though not even clear they were the right days. (we'd moved by then anyway)

KP Children's Centre = mixed reviews though mostly positive. Nice vibe to the place in general. Think it may only be term time for the nursery? not sure. We were on the waiting list for nearly a year then moved so told them to remove us.

Pelican = never went there but heard great things. It's only for over 2s though.

Magic Roundabout = heard mixed things. Sounds big and hectic but some people like it.

Lambeth Walk Day Nursery = my then 11-month son went here for two months, most of it just one day a week. Overall feeling is it's fine and basically what I expected of a nursery though nothing special and I wouldn't have wanted him there 40 or 50 hours a week. No waiting list.

Asquith Lambeth Day Nursery = heard decent things about it. None or small waiting list.

Bottom line: I say find a childminder or nanny share! My son was initially with a childminder two days a week, nursery one day and grandma one day. He clearly preferred the childminder to nursery.

He's now in a nanny share and that is even more evidently good for him.

My personal view is that nursery is better after 2. Everyone makes their own decision though based on circumstances and beliefs ...

good luck!!!

SofiasMum Sat 07-Nov-09 23:22:48

thanks so much for the info. really intersted in the Childminder and nanny-share idea. Where would I find more info anout nanny - sharing?

With many thanks

chandellina Mon 09-Nov-09 09:41:20

Hi again, for a nannyshare, i would try the local Southwark/Lambeth boards on netmums - that is how I met my nannyshare family. Another great site is simplychildcare. You have to pay £25 for a month's listing but you can search for other people looking for shares as well as nannies. (this is where we found our nanny)

There are also a couple of nannyshare sites where you can put a listing, try googling nanny shares and you'll see.

For a childminder, you can get the list of childminders with availability by calling the council.

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