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Should I put ds1 in state preschool fulltime or keep him in private nursery?

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barleycorn Mon 26-Oct-09 11:29:06

Ds1 has just turned 3 in the summer. At the moment he goes to a private nursery's preschool 2 mornings a week and loves it.

He's got a place at the preschool attached to our local school, to start in January. The problem is that until this intake they were quite flexible with days off, ie my friend's ds only attends Tues - Fri as Mon is her day off.

Now however they say that after a brief settling in period they want all children to attend Mon- Fri 9 - 3. It seems such a lot when they're so little.

My dilemma is that I'm starting back at work in Jan, and we're getting a nanny to look after ds2, so although not attending the state preschool is definitely an option, I don't know if we'll be able to afford to pay the private nursery fees as well. We'd planned to send him to this preschool so that it won't be such a big deal in Sept when he starts school (at just turned 4!!), and so that he has some friends already.

I'm worrying about what will be the best thing for him. What would you do?

JiminyCricket Mon 26-Oct-09 11:59:39

- a friend had a set up like this but she successfully argued that as she and her partner work weekends, a midweek day was the only family day they would have together. I suspect they can't 'make you' go every day, or turn you down because you won't, it is just what they prefer (all very well, but I know I am rubbish about being bolshy with people like this)
- You could use state vouchers to fund one or two mornings at another local pre-school if you can find one without too long a wait. Around here they like you to do at least two mornings or afternoons. A lot of them are church run.
- Mine went to a private nursery, and I worried about them not knowing anyone when they started school, but neither of them struggled at all and the 'pre-school cliques' of friends break up after the first term anyway - children this age play well in roaming groups
- make it fit around what you and your child want, some quiet time with you or the nanny will be invaluable as well as pre-school, i should think, but bear in mind they do love going too. Also it allows you to do other pre-schooler activities (gym/swim/dance/library) if you have fewer pre-school days. Good luck

barleycorn Mon 26-Oct-09 19:22:31

Thanks Jiminy, you've given me stuff to think about. Actually I do work the odd weekend, so that might be a useful argument if we need it.

Also, I suppose keeping him off 'sick' if he's shattered would help too.

I guess I am being a bit PFB, and it'll all work out fine.

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