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First day at nursery today, Sad.

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bunnybunyip Wed 14-Oct-09 17:32:36

Not really any specific problems and DS (7 months) seemed well cared for and smiled at his keyworker. But he hardly drank any milk all morning and they were struggling to give him any this afternoon until I arrived and he downed a bottle immediately with me feeding him. He only had very short sleeps (usually has a good 2 hours in the afternoon but max was 30 mins today). Both times I went in (I visited at lunchtime), he was crying. They said he was happy for most of the day. SO wish I could ask him if he had a good day.
Sorry, just posting to make myself feel better really. Wish I didn't have to go back to work.

hellsbelles Wed 14-Oct-09 19:23:43

Bunny - please try not to worry - I think that is pretty normal for a first day. It will get easier but I know it is the hardest thing in the world.

bunnybunyip Wed 14-Oct-09 19:33:49

Thanks hellsbelles

wifeofdoom Wed 14-Oct-09 19:53:16

My dd started last week - she now loves it. No tears all morning this morning apparently. She won't sleep there though - luckily its only mornings so not the end of the world. It will get better - whenever I have been in to pick her up all the kiddies look happy and very well looked after.

nosferartifartu Wed 14-Oct-09 20:10:36

That sounds okay for a first day. My DS started at a CM two months ago - already he gets excited when he sees her door and he loves it there, never stops cuddling them all and showing off. I spent the first couple of weeks back at work fretting with my phone clutched to me and then racing through the city to get back to him. But we've both settled down now. It will get better and it's perfectly normal to feel as you do.

bunnybunyip Wed 14-Oct-09 20:43:07

Thanks everyone. We have a few days off now before he has to go back.

jelliebelly Wed 14-Oct-09 20:53:55

It will take a while for him to get used to the nursery routine but he will eventually - and think of all the exciting new activities he gets to do that you wouldn't do with him at home - my dd (8mths) was doing a painting yesterday (or eating a painting more likely) but the photo the nursery took of her was fantastic - she was loving it smile

Hulla Thu 15-Oct-09 11:32:23

<pops head in and see that bunny has had fab replies so slinks back to blw thread> smile

lovelymama Sat 17-Oct-09 22:11:55

Think all babies have a problem at some point at nursery. DS settled in fine at first but has had times when he has been unsettled. In the long term though, nursery has been the best thing for him. So much so that even though I don't really want to work, I'm going to keep going because nursery has been such a wonderful thing for him. DS will settle down eventually - it's just a new environment for him and he's probably a bit unsure. In a couple of months you'll look back and think, thank goodness I went back to work, DS is progressing so well.

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