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newpark barbican have miseplaced my funds

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wahwah1270 Mon 12-Oct-09 17:03:51

Hello, 6 weeks ago a cheque cleared my account for dd's new nursery deposit of 1532. Fine. Now today they claim the funds were returned unpaid- i check my bank account religiously online and have checked again since the claim and that is not the case. They refuse to either take my word or for me to bring my bankstatements in as i have offered to prove that I am in the right. What can i do? I'm really upset and cant afford to pay this type of money twice. Plus I'm also upset that although she will have 3 weeks there in October they are charging a more expensive "day" rate for my 3 weeks rather than my calulation of number of weeks which would be considerably cheaper. they claim this is their norm, yet i cant see this in their t and c. Plus I'm so very upset about all this - we use the nursery because my hours dictate i have no choice not because i have excess funds ... i dont want my daughter to pick up on my upset. what to do?

mowbraygirl Tue 13-Oct-09 12:32:31

Why has it taken them 6 weeks to inform you the cheque has been returned? Can they produce the cheque for you to see. Is it the manager that has spoken to you and does she do the accounts etc. £1532 is a lot of money to pay twice. I would want written confirmation from them that the cheque has been returned and then if possible contact or go and see your bank to see what has happened.

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