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Was happy at nursery but now cries

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new1mum Tue 06-Oct-09 13:37:42

My 26 month old son has been going to the nursery since he was 8 months. After initial settling in phase he has been fine. Last one week he has been crying his eyes out whenever I drop him. Any idea why? The nursery tells me he is fine after a few minutes. But his crying is upsetting me. What to do?

meep Tue 06-Oct-09 13:56:33

I have just come out of this - every drop off dd1 howled or had a mini tantrum. She is 2.3yo. This was accompanied by "my no like nursery, my sad".

One day she greeted me at the end of the day with a big smile, showed me round the garden and said "my happy, my like nursery" and has run in gleefully every day since.

Nothing has changed at all!

The only thing I did was talk a lot about nursery on teh days she wasn't there - about friends, fun etc etc. I also told her repeatedly that "mummy or daddy always come cack". When she is feeling opoorly or tired she still says to me "mummy always come back" and I even caught her telling her baby sister this when she was crying!

It is horrible to go through, but I bet he will be all smiles again soon.

kickassangel Tue 06-Oct-09 13:57:45

it's quite normal - he's becoming more aware & can now tell that you're about to leave as he recognises patterns of behaviour. they grow out of it again.

my dd did this, then suddenly switched to crying when i picked her up. makes you feel equally upset.

facebookaddict Mon 12-Oct-09 11:57:38

My DS went from age 6mths (is now nearing 3yrs) and was fine until maybe 14mths then we had a week of this, then again at 21mths or so and again more recently this summer with arrival of DD. Think it's normal, never lasts (if it does gone on more than a few weeks perhaps chat to nursery peeps again).... AND nursery was the best thing for my boy who loves it and is ahead in physical, social and cognitive development as a result I'm sure! Plus he's a nightmare to entertain full time so needs the stimulation of others when I'm shattered!

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