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Bug at Nursery

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DaddyPanic Tue 22-Sep-09 11:42:24


My little one is due to start Nursery very soon and we had a day there last week to "ease her in" and complete some forms.

There is currently a bug going around there and over 30 children have been affected. Having been there a few hours, a day later my 11 month old suffered vomitting for two days and is still ill with diarrhoea. We've been to the doctors and hospital and she is still suffering. I caught the bug and my wife did - resulting in a day off sick for me and a miserable weekend.

I am now terrified of leaving my baby at the nursery next week. I am not confident that enough is being done by them and I'm worried about the baby catching something again.

What are peoples usual experiences when bugs strike a nursery. Do they tend to die down after a few weeks? Do children pick them up multiple times or just the once?

Any advice appreciated.

Ewe Tue 22-Sep-09 11:47:02

They usually just get them once in my experience, especially if it is something like norovirus or parovirus as I believe you get immunity after you have had them - for a certain amount of time.

Bugs are just part of nursery and growing up, if they don't get them all at nursery then they get them all when they start school. To build immunity they need to get these bugs in the first place.

Your baby will catch other bugs and colds and chicken pox etc, there is very little the nursery can do to prevent this but good levels of hygiene and sending children home when sick. Unless you can keep her out of nursery and away from toddler groups then it is par for the course, try not to worry too much.

misdee Tue 22-Sep-09 11:50:36

nurseries and schools are hotbeds of infection. all places were you have groups of kids in one place are.

gnerally once you catch a bug you wont get it again, as your bodies immune system can fight it off. but you can get a similar one soon after.

we are currently coming up to the cold/flu season, and my kids are back at school. they have all had coughs, and my 10month old has caught a cold from them as well.

the body is designed to catch virus' and bugs to help strengthen the immune system.

the nursery should be ensuring hands are washed and sick kids sent home.

try not to worry. its just part of life.

DaddyPanic Tue 22-Sep-09 13:19:00

Hard not to panic but what you're all telling me is common sense


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